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     Turkey is a country filled with delightful attractions and a rich cultural heritage. It one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world ranking at number six.

Its diverse cultural elements present a wonderful location to spend holidays. When one is lucky enough to visit Turkey, it becomes necessary to buy those unique and special items for which Turkey is renowned for.
  One of the major things to buy in Turkey includes the Turkish carpets and kilims. These tribal carpets have an important cultural history behind them. The balanced designs and distinct styles found in these carpets exhibit artistic intelligence and immense beauty. Another valuable item that can be bought includes the Ottoman scripts. The Ottomans were great calligraphers and their calligraphic inscriptions have been preserved and revered through the ages. The slender and creative styles provide a pleasant sight which the person will certainly appreciate.

Turkish delight or Lokum is a special treat made up of a variety of ingredients that include dried nuts and fruits gelled together and is much popular in the country. It is enjoyed by many people and is found much delicious. Other than this, a variety of spices is also an attraction in Turkey especially in the Egyptian Spice Bazaar in Istanbul. Here, quality products are sold including the olive oil and saffron.

Iznik pottery and ceramics are also famous in Turkey for the high quality pottery painted with cobalt blue. Iznik tiling can be observed throughout the country decorating mosques as well. The elegance of the ceramic pieces fascinates the eyes presenting a stunning appearance. Equally great porcelain designs on white clay make beautiful showpieces. Textile industry in Turkey is also a main feature of attraction due to their high value and quality products. Turkish dresses have always been unique in the weaving features, materials used and the designs that reflect the rich Turkish culture. Silk-weaving is done in large quantities being sold in huge numbers. The incredible beauty shown in their superior silk fabrics gives a splendid option to spend one’s money on useful items.

Copper and brass utensils, cups, bowls and plates were common in Turkey during the Ottoman times. Many of them are still on sale in Turkey sold in the bazaars and souvenir shops. The triangular copper handles of the teapots and the wide copper platters present a typical Turkish style which seems a marvelous sight.

The assortment of new and antique jewelry is very wide enabling the shopping of them much easier and fun-filled. Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar has several streets devoted to the jewelry section. Traditional gold, diamond necklaces, rubies, emeralds and precious stones all are present here. Local silver products are also a common sight and are bought by many people nationwide.

Leather and suede coats, jackets, dresses, wallets and boots are also sold in an enormous quantity in Turkey. The leather accessories present there is of high quality and is culturally important in Turkey. These leather garments provide a fashionable look and help in maintaining a cool appearance of the person.

While shopping in Turkey, it is essential to get a clear view of the price of the item by consulting different shops or stalls on that specific thing. The person should also be sure about the quality of the item before being willing to buy it. It is okay to haggle while shopping as this shows the shopkeeper your willingness to buy the item who will eventually present you with a suitable offer of price. It should be noted that it is not advisable for a buyer to back out after offering a price for the item.

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