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  Turkey is the vibrant land where east meets west, and ancient ways meet the modern world. Visiting Turkey is a popular destination for the adventurous traveler, and bigloveturkey.com is the web's most complete introduction to this magical place. Learn everything you need to know about Turkey and about Istanbul, its varied people, its colorful traditions. bigloveturkey.com covers all about Turkey, from the cosmopolitan capital Istanbul to the wonders of its ancient history.

Photos and videos of Turkish festivals, foods, costumes, and monuments make this distant land seem more familiar. Visit Turkey for its beauty and history; check our website about Turkey to prepare for your journey.

Here are some articles and information about Turkey which is for visitors of Turkey.
Shopping and bargaining here in Turkey
article picture These are some of the general rules when you make your negotiation for sales or purchase in Turkey. Grab the chance to bargain and pay for the item worth the price. However, stop on your own gain, ask the seller how to tell their first-rate emerald from what you just noticed on the street for 1/10 the price.  >>> more
Turkish football
article picture Apart from its tourist spots that render everyone amused and its delicious delicacies along with its tradition; Turkey has yet to boast of its winning streak in sports. The first Turk to play football, however, is Selim Sirri Tarcan who was able to study about the game in Izmir on 1898. >>> more
Top Ten Souvenirs to buy and shopping in Turkey
article picture Top ten souvenirs to buy from Istanbul Turkey : Turkish pottery, leather, Turkish delight, evil eye, jewery, spices, kilims and rugs, ceramics, copper ornaments, onyx, ! >>> more
Drinks about Turkey
article picture Ayran, Boza, Ihlamur, Kefir, Raki, Sahlep, Salgam, Sira, Turkish Coffe, Tursu suyu... These are the best popular Turkish drinks. You can't find similar taste elsewhere ! >>> more
Turkey tourism and tourist attractions.
article picture What are your plans for vacation in this year? Are you heading for the mountains, or will you be lured by the sound and the scent of the sea? Perhaps you are toying with the idea of taking to the open road and camping in a park or a forest. >>> more
Night life in Turkey and Clubs in Istambul.
article picture At first sight nightlife in Turkey might look like its equivalent in any other country in the world. However, beyond the bars, night clubs, restaurants and discos there’s a lot more variety awaiting the visitor as this short review shows... >>> more
Affordable hotels in Istanbul
article picture At times, the visit to the Turkey’s mainland near the Dardanelles is exciting and interesting. If it is your first visit to Turkey’s Istanbul you will see in the dusk the rolling hills of the farmlands outside the city and the old walls and ruins of an old aqueduct.  >>> more
Wellness spa and beauty centers of Turkey
article picture Most holiday makers probably wouldn’t think of Turkey as a country with thermal springs immediately, but if one looks at the topology of the land it becomes clear that plenty of hot springs are scattered throughout the vast mountain ranges... >>> more
Recommended hotels in Istambul
article picture Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is at hand. Soon millions will be going on vacation. But vacations are by no means restricted to summer. Tourism has become a year-round business, bringing in billions of dollars annually. Although most vacationers travel inside their own country, foreign travel, once limited to the wealthy, is now commonplace. >>> more
Is water safe to drink in Turkey ?
article picture Drinking water to quench one’s thirst is so popular in Turkey that there is a special word in the Turkish vocabulary expressing the need for water – “susadim”, literally translated meaning “I’m in need of water” and in that case nothing else will do to quench the thirst of the requestor, who won’t accept anything in its place... >>> more
Planning a romantic adventure.
article picture Famous for its pristine blue waters, heavenly landscapes, biblical origins, friendly and hospitable populace, great exotic cities and noted as one of the safest places to travel, Turkey is a gem to behold and an earthly paradise to dwell in or visit many times over in a lifetime. >>> more
Sunny winter holiday in a muslim country.
article picture Those who want to escape the winter of the Northern Hemisphere don’t have to go far afield. A sunny winter holiday in Turkey might be just the thing you’re looking for... >>> more
How to get cheapest Turkey's Holiday Vacation
article picture Seeking the best deals on your Turkey’s holiday vacation is easy. The best thing you need to know is look for the cost or fees of accommodations, flights and packages. You can compare prices online. Online travel agents offer a lot of bargain packages for your vacation purposes. >>> more
Globalization in the country of Turkey
article picture Some people travel to far away, exotic countries in order to get away from the similarity of “Western” commercial culture with most brands nowadays available everywhere... >>> more
Mosque etiquette. How to visit mosque in Turkey?
article picture For anyone coming to Turkey and interested in religious culture a visit to one of the larger, famous and picturesque of the country’s approx. 70.000 mosques is an absolute must.  >>> more
Two Indian Restaurant review in Istambul.
article picture Lovers of Indian cuisine in Istanbul might mistakingly feel they aren’t being catered for. Restaurant guides and website directories such as bigglook.com often don’t even have an Indian category in their search engines.  >>> more
Transport in Turkey.
article picture Due to its unique position and its incredible size, Istanbul has an incredible variety of transport modes incorporating small and large vehicles for road and rail as well as a variety of water vessels. Having lived in this city for almost eight years, I have never felt the need to purchase a car... >>> more
Health tourism and medical tours of Turkey.
article picture With state or private health systems in European countries struggling to maintain good services at a reasonable cost, Turkey, among other countries has become a prime destination for those requiring treatment or surgery. >>> more.


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