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  When you are in a trip, it is not just seeing the beautiful places, meeting new friends or having a nibble of the local cuisines but you also want to buy and keep something for yourself as the trip will be over. In most countries, US$ are accepted other than the local currency, so it’s suggested to bring $1 and other small bills.

Here are some approaches that you can consider while in a tour and have plans of shopping around:

Have fun while shopping. Bargaining a sale should be of advantage to both parties, not a trouble situation. Handle the process with a sense of delight. Perhaps, you can’t affront the vendor, and there should be nothing they say to you that you will take personally. Treat it as a game of possibility. If you have difficulties in sharing thoughts in one familiar word, you can use body movements. Many vendors have calculators to make your offer agreeable. Record your respond to make a proposal if ever the seller has some difficulties in understanding your offer.

Pay only what is worth for you. When purchasing products, ask what the product is made of, especially in covered bazaars, markets and souks. Think twice about claims that seem like exceptional. Don’t expect to buy a horse for dog prices. Ask questions before making any offer. Consider several items. You may not want to end up having premium jewelry or antiques for a worthless item, however beware since it has the possibility to happen. Choose items for a reason that it is valuable for you, not because it’s declared to be pure precious stone or genuine silver. In Turkey, you must look for handcrafted items since you are not bargaining for the item, but for the value per gram of silver, and so on.

Sellers are not hard to find. You don’t have to worry if you find to little offers. They are probably waiting for you to give a little more effort and add more prices to bargain. On odd situations, a seller might say it’s too low and quit, so you have the choice to raise your price or try somewhere else. Leaving will let you know if your price is within the price range offered by the seller.

  thm_shoppingbargaining-2.jpg thm_shoppingbargaining-3.jpg thm_shoppingbargaining-4.jpg thm_shoppingbargaining-5.jpg  
  Lowering offers at the beginning of a trip is an exceptional way to measure the marketplace, while there are no rules for pricing and it will differ from market to market or from city to city. Some guidelines or information’s will tell you to offer 1/3 or 1/2 the asking price, but wise vendors have already the knowledge about these tips or guidelines as well. This general rule can help you earn big amount of money, only if the vendors are asking you 5 or even 10 times what the actual cost of the item. Items in tourist areas are expected to be overstated compared to a short term area, such as a tourist boat or bus or outside a museum or other attraction. So, you should be ready to bargain promptly and harshly. These are some of those places where you can get very good prices, since the vendors sell high big volume with a high cost. However, never make a bargain if you are not concerned in the item anymore.  
  It is so offensive to make an offer and then not respect it, especially if the seller agreed upon your offer. Once you name a price, you should be ready to pay that price if the seller agrees. On the other hand, you are not obliged to come around a close the agreement.  
  Have a quantity discounts. You can combine several items like starting to bargain for one item, and then offer to buy 2 for a lower price. If the bargaining is cut out, add another item to the pile and agree to the buyer’s last offer.

These are some of the general rules when you make your negotiation for sales or purchase in Turkey. Grab the chance to bargain and pay for the item worth the price. However, stop on your own gain, ask the seller how to tell their first-rate emerald from what you just noticed on the street for 1/10 the price.

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