Role of Turkey in today’s fashion
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Role of Turkey in today’s fashion   


     Fashion was once considered as extravagant leisure for people of elite class. But today it has become one of the basic necessities for everyone. Every person wants to look at their best and have an influence over others. Fashion has crossed the confinement of financial background and it is set free to be enjoyed by everyone.

The products in fashion are available with a wide range of prices to make fashion affordable for everyone. Fashion has become an integral part of people’ personality for both genders, equally. Everyone likes to dress according to latest fashion trends and feel more confident than ever.

  Fashion world is the field where trends change within no time. The pace of changing trends is unparallel to any other industry’s growth and it always has something new and surprising to offer to the clients. Turkey is a country which has fortified itself to have a strong impact on the world’s fashion.

Turkey is a country that enjoys diversity in its culture and heritage. The country has a secular status which is a cause for an array of fashion trends to flourish. The majority population residing in Turkey is Muslim. The strong economy and youthful population has contributed towards the boom of fashion industry. The youth prefers new trends over antiquated attires which allows emergence of a fashion industry in the country. The capital city, Istanbul is functioning as the hub for fashion growth. The manufacturing and export of clothes are increasing. The famous international brands like Next, Marks and Spencer’s, Burberry, Hugo Boss and a lot others are now being manufactured in Turkey.

International fashion market has found Turkey as a new center for the boost in profits. International markets have brought advantage to the local brands and designers to generate large sum of money. The Turkish government has shown positive involvement towards it also.

The rampant growth in the fashion world owes to diversity in consumer choice. It ranges from entirely veiled women, those covering their heads with stylish scarves to the contemporary western dressing. Turkish fashion is a collective form of difference colors, prints and fabrics. The creative juices in a fashion designer’s mind are allowed to flow in new dimensions, bringing out fruitful results. The Turkish fashion designers try to bring new ideas to their traditional lines which give a hint of uniqueness to the dresses. The work of Turkish designers has been recognized by internationally acclaimed personalities in fashion world and many Turkish youngsters now aspire to have a career in fashion market. A wide array of occupations is offered under the canopy of fashion industries. Fashion designers, fashion models, textile designers and specialization in fashion marketing are the jobs provided.

Traditional Turkish dresses for women are inspired by the Ottoman era. The fusion of east and west are blended together to work for a splendor. The traditional intricate work of embroidery with the Turkish silk and dresses with Anatolian motifs have made an exalted identity in Turkey. The collage work on fabrics with old Turkish embroideries has not lost its glory in modern world. The modern fashion has been greatly influenced by old traditional culture of the country.

The main fashion activities of Turkey is highlighted by “Istanbul Fashion week” that takes place twice a year and it is marked with great national and international appreciation. At this fashion event, the local and international markets converge together to produce a better fashion products to cater international markets. The Turkish models prove their ability as emerging figures in fashion world and the designers reach out to the international market. These fashion weeks prove successful and the number of audiences increases with every new event. According to fashion critics Turkey is bringing a new dimension to the world’s fashion.

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