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     Fashion refers to the styles that are popular and being practiced. Fashion gives a sense of individuality among the various people. Fashion exists in the dresses, shoes and makeup of the people, what so ever they wear they think a lot before choosing or deciding it.

Now a day’s there is no one who does not want to look and appear fashionable and up-to-date. Every men and women around the globe are trying to make a good impression about how they look and what they wear.

  Media all over the world promotes fashion and people are likely to engage themselves more into the fashion industry. The public in general tries to imitate the fashion icons, celebrities and models. Glamorous life of fashionable people attracts everyone towards the fashion industry.

Fashion industry of Turkey is developing day by day. The Turkish manufacturers are producing high quality fabrics. High quality fabrics, shoes and ready to wear dresses are exported from Turkey. Turkey introduces the trend of ready to wear clothes. There are many clothing shopping centers available throughout the country. There are many young designers who are contributing to the Turkish fashion industry. On the whole, textile industry in Turkey is expanding day by day.

Istanbul and fashion
Istanbul is said to be the fashion hub having many fashion boutiques. The street fashion Istanbul is very famous as it is the best street for shopping. Istanbul Bagdat Caddesi is ranked to be the world’s third best street in the context of shopping. It has many stores for purchasing garments. The world famous branded outlets are in Istanbul. You can enjoy the shopping or window shopping from Bagdat Caddesi.

Make up trends in Turkey
The colored cosmetics are very popular in Turkey and their demand is highly increasing. Moreover, women have some sort of professional work in Turkey that is why they give importance on their appearance and they have money to spend on it. The facility of permanent makeup is available and the women get themselves the permanent make over to look beautiful. The colorful eye makeup and Arabic makeup style is widely spread in entire Turkey.

How Turkish dress up
Turkish try to cover themselves as it is a part of the Islamic religion thus turban is worn by them. T-shirts, slacks, jackets, tops, skirts, jeans, headscarf, abaya, shalwar kameez, caftan, jellabiya, jilbab, bashlyks and head scarfs are worn in Turkey. The Turkish prefer not to reveal and expose their bodies by wearing see through clothes. Traditional ottoman clothing, royal robes and men sultan’s royal clothes are popular all over the world. The Turkish dresses up according to their social class and family background. There are many people who prefer to wear simple clothes but there are dancers and models that are seen wearing glamorous attires.

Accessories of Turkey
The Turkish hair bands available in so many colors and styles are worn by women/girls. It could also be worn as a bracelet. The elegant earrings of Turkey are very popular. Motifs and buttons of Turkey are very stylish and this is the reason why they are exported wordlwide.

Many fashion shows and events are organized for promoting fashion; media of Turkey facilitates fashion industry. There is no particular fashion that is followed by the Turkish people because there is freedom of wearing whatever you want to wear except at the places of work. At work, the men and women dress up very professionally and decently. Turkish models, actresses, dancers and tycoons follow fashion and wear fashionable clothes. Large number of young men and women are enrolling themselves to get respectable degrees in Fashion. Therefore the designers of Turkey are working very efficiently and creatively. The world famous brands are produced in the republic of Turkey.

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