Istanbul is rightly named to be heaven of drinks
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Istanbul is rightly named to be heaven of drinks   


     Istanbul is a celebrated state of Turkey. It has a lot to offer to its visitors and tourists. Above all, the pleasant sights in Istanbul, one thing, which has dominated, the hearts of thousands of people is the drinks.

Istanbul is the hub of all the well known drinks. It also offers special turkish beverage which is brilliant when it comes to taste and quality.

  There is a wide range of drinks available in Istanbul, whether it is hot or cold. Some of them are alcoholic while others are non-alcoholic. Some of the non-alcoholic drinks include coffee, tea, boza, Ayran and other drinks. Turkey offers exceptional tea and coffee to its residing people. Apart from the traditional drinks, boza and Ayran are also famous beverages in the state. Though, they are new to many people, but it is worth giving a try when you visit Turkey. In terms of Alcoholic drinks, raki, beer and wine are utilized by people.

Ayran and boza are locally made drinks. Both these drinks are served fresh and chilled so it is unwise to keep them for long. In summers, these are widely used to shield from the hot weather. Thus, people associated with these drinks earn a lot in summer days. Though, when it comes to drinking, alcoholic drinks are preferred. In social events, parties and celebrations, alcohol containing drinks are frequently utilized. Raki is widely accepted as the national drink of Turkey. Similar to French pastis and Greek ouzo, Raki is a strong, deep and clear drink. By adding ice cubes and cold water to it, a chalky white look appears which is quite tasty. This drink is usually taken while eating fish and mezes (a renowned Turkish dish).

Turkish people love to take beer and wine. In bars and parties, beer is used in different sizes. The most widely used ones are 50cl and 33cl. Efes Pilson is probably the best quality beer present in today’s world. It is available in Istanbul. The manufacturers of Efes also produce Gusta, a wheat bear. Beside the locally manufactured beers, some companies import beer from neighboring states. The names of some of these are Becks, Heineken and Corona. These are available to the people of Istanbul.

Coming towards Turkish wine, there is a greater variety. This mainly, due to the revival of wine industry in Istanbul that has led to frequent availability of this drink in the local markets. Unlike the wine produced in France, those manufactured in Istanbul are way ahead in quality. Several new wineries are making excellent quality wine. The only negative aspect of wines in Istanbul is its price. TO drink excellent wine, one must have money. Though, some local companies are making reds and whites which are good in terms of price and quality.

Though, the topic restricts us to talk about alcoholic drinks, but the fact is that traditional drinks like raki and Ayran have become the first choice for many residents of Istanbul. It is because of the frequent availability of them in the state; people do not have to travel vast distances to buy one bottle of wine or beer. The concerned people of drinks have also recognized this fact, and now new brands have stepped into this field to provide good quality drinks to people.

Raki is still the first choice of people when they have fish and mezes for lunch or dinner. Adding ice or cold water in raki is a disgrace to the tradition, but it does not matter as long as satisfactory taste is provided. Besides raki, Ayran is also widely utilized, especially with kebab because it is made of salted yogurt, which is very, dear to people of Istanbul.
Thus, drinks are a vital aspect of Istanbul.

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