Turkey and its importance
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Turkey and its importance   


     Turkey is located in Western Asia and has a border with almost eight countries. Turkey follows many Islamic and Western traditions. It has a culture that is a blend of many other cultures like Middle Eastern, European, Anatolia, Ottoman, Byzantine, Central Asian and Balkans. It is a modernized nation now, having its own cultural identity.

Traditional, historical and religious values are being practiced along with the modern westernized values. Western and Eastern culture is followed by various people in Turkey simultaneously.
  Turkey is world famous for its architecture, literature, music, culinary arts, lifestyle, philosophers, fine arts, ceramic arts, applied arts, performing arts, fabrics and patterns, tapestry, sports, cuisine and much more.

The Turkish literature is epic as many awakening stories have been written by the Turkish writers. Many fabulous magazines are published in Turkey and the poets are writing outclass poetry. Turkish films are always found winning many awards. Turkish food is influenced by the Kurdish, Persian, Arabic, Greek and Western European cuisines.

Turkey is famous for its urfa kebab, adana kebab, mezes, dough made deserts, baklava, Aegean, marmara, kashkak, ayran, bulgur, helva, dolma, lahmacun, Turkish tea, etc. Other than this you can get every type of food in Turkey. The world famous food brands such as McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks, etc have their outlets running in Turkey so, that it is not difficult for the tourists to get the food of their own choice from Turkey. Turkey’s traditional national sport is oiled wrestling; oiled wrestling tournaments are organized every year. Turkey’s most popular sport is football.

International tournaments for basketball and volley ball have been hosted by Turkey. Other sports events that take place in Turkey are F1 Powerboat racing championship, air racing competition, motoGP Grand Prix of Turkey, GP2 Series, Le Racing championships, freestyle wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling. So for all those who are interested in sports, visiting Turkey must be very important and entertaining for them.

Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey. Many tourists visit Istanbul, it is the only city of the world whose one corner touches Asia and the other corner touches Europe. The grand bazaar of Istanbul Turkey is the best shopping destination for the tourists from all over the world. The events of various nature are organized in Istanbul thus, attracting more and more tourists.

Various architectural styles exist in Turkey and modern architecture of Turkey is well recognized. Sophia Museum, Blue Mosque, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Cappadocia Region, Pergamon, Sardism Aspendus, Commagene Kingdom, Gallipoli, Skyscrapers in Levent, Istanbul Sapphire, Sakirin Mosque, Nusretiye Mosque, Pertevniyal Valide Sultan Mosque, Sultan Mahmud’s tomb, Fatih Tomb, Ishak Pasha Palace, etc are the attractions for the tourists. Istanbul Sapphire is the tallest building in Turkey and is amongst the 4th tallest buildings of Europe.

There are many Mosques in Turkey, they are beautifully designed having mihrab, minaret and minbar. The Turkish architectural styles are blending of various styles such as Arabic, indo-Islamic, Iranian, Iwan, Moorish, Moroccan, Mughal, Ottoman and Western architecture. Turkey has many places to visit such as historical sites, Mosques, shopping malls and beaches. It has many seaside resorts, hotels and tourism supporting industries which are such a fascination for the tourists.

The quiet, sandy and Mediterranean beaches of Turkey provide the tourist with much of the entertainment. Hierapolis, Pamukkale, Sumela Monastery, Ephesus, Cappadocia,

Behavior of Turkish people is very important in this regard. The Turkish people welcome people and tourists from all over the world. They are very friendly people, having a lot of courtesy in themselves.

There are many hotels for those who are visiting Turkey and they are of high quality. Getting visa for Turkey is not difficult; one must visit Turkey at least once in his/her lifetime.  

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