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     Turkey is one of the world’s most amazing places to visit, tourism in Turkey is increasing day by day. A lot of people visit Turkey every year, these people who visit Turkey vary from each other socially, financially, religiously and culturally. Turkey has a great geographical importance and the Istanbul Turkey lies on both the Asian and European continent.

Turkey is on the top ten countries that are visited the most, it is ranked the sixth position. According to the reports, around 31.5 million tourists visited Turkey last year. Majority of the tourists in Turkey came from United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Arab, Iran, Russia, Japan and North America.
  Turkey is one of the cheapest countries to visit. It is considered as one of the cheapest countries because it promotes tourism in many ways. The government of Turkey, in order to promote Tourism has reduced tax rates for the tourists and tourism facilitating things. Such as the seasonal tourism tax is not imposed on the tourists visiting Turkey whereas it is imposed everywhere else in the world, and the government of Turkey does not allows to charge the VAT tax for the tourists. The government also supports the industry of tourism by providing it with finance.

The various hotels of Turkey provide excellent services to the tourists and offer them many discounts. They offer free food facilities to those who stay in their hotels. Many of the hotels also provide their respectable customers free transport within Turkey. Some of the hotel promotional packages involve free stay for two days after staying for a week. The shopping centers and markets of Turkey have various price promotional strategies for the tourists. These prices promotional strategies involve buy one get one free, buy three on the price of two, sales, discounts, etc. The food in Turkey is very cheap, especially the basic food items such as bread, egg, milk, fruits, etc.

The number of restaurants available in Turkey includes many of those restaurants which provide you with a variety of good food on fewer prices. Getting food of your own choice is not a big issue in Turkey. Also, there are many cheap flights to Turkey that meet your budget. Many airlines provide with lower charges and reduced rates on family travel so, that if the entire family is traveling together to Turkey then they are charged less. Many of the public places such as museums, historical places, etc offer discounts to the tourists on the entry tickets. And sometimes the tourist don’t even need to buy those tickets, all they have to do is show their passport. Many events are organized in Turkey for the tourists and the purpose of such events is to entertain the tourists on lower costs or for free.

The guidelines for the tourists in Turkey are provided for free. If you are visiting Turkey then the travel packages usually involve providing you the best guideline without charging for it. The various types of tourism packages do not charge you for the travelling that you do within Turkey. This means that you can visit as many cities or places within Turkey almost free.

 The hotel stay is also the part of these packages. These packages provide you with accommodation in all the cities that you plan visit. The packages sometimes also include your food. It is experienced very rarely that the services offered by such packages are not up to the mark.

Therefore, if you are planning a holiday with your family or friends then visiting Turkey would be the best idea. You won’t have much problem managing your budget and you can do a lot of shopping.

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