Mt. AGRI | Venturing into a Winter Wonderland
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Agri Mountain: Venturing into a Winter Wonderland   


Commonly known as the Agri Mountain, Mt. Ararat is considered as the tallest peak in Turkey. Rising at an elevation of 5137 meters along the borders of Turkey and Iran. It is considered as a dormant volcano covered with ice and snow all year round. Located in the Southwest of the mountain, is the modest Mount Agri (Ararat) and the Serdarbulak lava plateau that stretches out between the two pinnacles.

Records from the Old Testament of the Bible says that it is the place where Noah’s Ark landed after the great flood, thereby making it an interesting place to venture to explorers, historians, archeologists, and of course of curious people.


Ararat is the great prize however for mountain collectors, not only because it is the tallest peak in Turkey but also for its historical significance and symbolism especially to the Armenians for since ancient times it has been revered by them to be their spiritual home and as the home of the Gods of the Armenian pantheon.

To get there, one must take The Trabzon- Erzurum- Iran International Transit Highway; from there tarmac streets skirt the western and southern flanks of Agri before coming into Iran. 270 kilometers from Erzurum and near Igdir, Dogubeyazit, which is the closest city to the mountain, is accessible from this route. In addition, Connecting Erzurum with Ankara is buses, planes and trains.

Since Mt. Ararat is covered by ice and snow throughout the year, it is popular for those who love skiing and other snow based sports and mountain climbing. However, one must put into mind that in the summer, the weather in the area is sunny, warm and dry; in the winter and spring, cold and harsh conditions exist, that eventually mountain climbers encounter blizzards and turbulent weather. July, August, and September are the months when lots of mountain climbers come to the area; climbing up the mountain is pleasurable during this period. However, despite the usual sunny and clear weather at that time of year, the elevated height of this mountain swirls around above 3000 meters. During the climb the southern side of the mountain offers the easiest and safest to summit. With this route one has access to the best route communication and transportation facilities and it is safe. It is recommended to climb with a guide. It is also an advantage if one knows how to use axe and crampons.

Natural beauty has been preserved well in this area not to mention the local population still goes about their traditional lifestyles so it is wise to spend your time not only by climbing the mountain but also visiting the tourist attractions located nearby.

On the way to Dogubeyazit, one can stop by Muradiye waterfalls to take pleasure in the sceneries and drink in Turkish tea and Turkish Kebaps for dinner.

A magnificent 17th century castle of a local potentate boasting of its decorative schemes and elegant courts of palatial usage is available in the Ishak Pasa Palace

Visit the Village of Ortulu which is particularly renowned as the center of stunning handicrafts like carpets and kilims in time honored designs especially if you’re going to buy souvenirs for your family and friends.

Finally, visit a Meteor Crater near the Iranian border. And to relax from a very unwinding trip, the nearby town of Doğubeyazit offers a couple of hamams – just the ticket after an ascent of the tall mountain.

Since this trip requires time, it is recommended that you choose your hotel in city center Taksim which provides basic needs for the trip like mountain equipments, change offices, air ticketing services, etc. Hotels in the Taksim area includes the Lares Park Hotel and the Seminal Hotel which provides a great place for lodging due to its welcoming services and facilities which includes internet, pets allowed, laundry service, Turkish Bath, Sauna, massage, health centers, and a lot more according to Anatolian Adventures.

What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for an adventure of a lifetime that you will never forget, then indulge yourselves into the climb of Mt. Ararat and witness before your very eyes the beauty of nature as it begins to unfold on the panoramic sceneries of the plains and valleys in the frontiers of Turkey, Armenia and Iran! Peace of mind could definitely be obtained here especially in the summer months when the villagers move to the yayla to find grazing for their herds of sheeps, horses, cattles and goats.

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