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Turkey is a land of mountains which rises from all four directions, encircle the peninsula of Anatolia. Turkey also has the mountainous regions of different geological formations which skirts the Mediterranean shore.

Turkey’s mountains seem to be a haven on earth for an extra ordinary variety of wildlife, flora and fauna. Since most of the mountains are undeveloped, forests and mountains are an existing paradise at the center of busy world. Mt. Erciyes is one of the Turkey’s most famous peaks located in Kayseri in Central Anatolia (3917 m).

The mountainous nature of the country has subjected the cultural evolution of the country .These Alpine’s meadows, known as yayla still symbolizes a firm tie to traditional culture.

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For Nature lovers, climbers and those who are interested in the geography of mountains and volcanoes, Turkey provides a wealthy explorations where thrilling sports awaits you. Mt. Erciyes is just one of those important mountaineering and winter sports centers that rise from the south of the Kayseri valley. The Sultan Marshes lay to its west and to the south cascade the Develi valley.

Mt.Erciyes has been categorized as central Anatolia's tallest volcano. Its peak is always roofed with snow and ice, making it a perfect place for snowboarding, skiing, summer skiing and heli-skiing. The mountain’s stratification and geology make it a fascinating geographical formation which offers climbers an opportunity to do other winter sports. Approximately 18 kilometers in diameter and covering an area of 1000 square kilometers gives challenging trails to skiing extremist to do their tricks and stunts.

The winter season brings a considerable snowfall to higher elevation and typical step to Anatolian plateau. The northern side of the mountain benefit from a more moderate climate that invites the cultivation of vast areas of vine and fruit orchards between 1100 and 1600 meters. Above that elevation, vastness of meadows extends far into the distance and display typical alpine foliage. In the North and West slopes of the mountain, herds of animals forage and exploit the richness of nature all year round.


Mountaineers find the best time in climbing during June, July, August and September. The northwestern flank or from the south is the preferred spots of the mountaineers to do their attempts. Those people always on tour should never forget to visit and see the fantastic underground cities, magnificent rock formations, and fabulous frescoes in rock carved churches in neighboring Cappadocia. They should also see the Sultan Marshes, a home for many different species of birds. This place has been fortunately chosen to be a national park and wildlife preserve.

Before climbing the Mt.Erciyes, take time for a panoramic tour of the surrounding area and explore the city of Kayseri. This is an old Ottoman town and immediately near to Kayseri Airport.

After having a nice trip in Kayseri Fortress, visit the chief monument of the medieval Turkish principalities, the Great Mosque and the Archaeological Museum and discover the richness of historic ingredients of affluent Turkey.

If you are looking for some authentic gift items, visit the historic Covered Bazaar that provides various souvenir items for your dearest relatives and friends. Kayseri is also a must-see place where you can found a number of historical places and museums, and unique local cuisine. Some of the most customary favorites which will satisfy your taste buds are a flavorful pastry known as sebit yağlaması, Kayseri-style gumbo and ravioli, COUNTRY-style fried lamb with mushrooms, and Turkish pastrami (pastirma) filled in a walnut-flavored cumin paste.

After toppings your city tour with a tasty meal, it is time to get on Mountain Erciyes adventure. Be mesmerized by its magical landscape and begin your unforgettable journey to bird’s-eye view of Cappadocia.

What’s more ahead of you? Mountain Erciyes is the rising star amongst Turkey’s ski resorts for its long winter season, its soft powdery snow, its wide choice of ski runs appropriate for every level of skill, and its accommodations which offer all the terrific amenities. You won’t believe that Mt. Erciyes was once a burning volcano that brought fear in every direction but now an elegant lady sporting a white crown on her head!

Book now and experience the wonders of Mt. Erciyes. Never miss the opportunity to spend a winter or ski holiday to some economical accommodations in Turkey.



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