Bull fighting in Turkey: A much awaited event in Kafkasör Festival!
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Bull fighting in Turkey: A much awaited event in Kafkasör Festival!

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Many believe that bullfight is not a sport but a bloody and brutal dramatic recital and prominently redolent of the Greek and Shakespearean and tragedies. Perhaps, the bullfight is the most prominent aspect of the Spanish culture and same with Turkish traditions and feasts. This sport is brutal, bloody and glorious in his own right.

Many are fascinated by courage in the face of violence and danger, so watching bullfight in the arena is so exciting. This is not meant to show a dark quality of men in Turkey but a representation of nurture tradition in this area, where men were raised up with a near Stoic attitude in life. Some men are involved with wars because they find this the most suitable profession after spending much of their time in the backwoods hunting deer. Some were exposed to death at an early age through haunting, fishing, and farm life. So, bullfight becomes a natural way of living in Turkey and become a part of their leisure activities and personified the Stoic values of Turkish men and women.

In addition, bullfight is a tradition that involves professional performers who shows various formal moves with grace and confidence while showing masterful moves over the bull. These tricks are performed at close series, and the climax of this event is the death of the bull by a well-placed sword thrust.

Bullfight also become the vast topic of research and debate in much organization and creates intense debate in many areas of the globe, including Turkey and Spain where the classic bullfighting was born. However, bullfighting in Turkey continues to echo in the society as a reflection of their culture and everlasting traditions.

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Bullfight in Turkey

Bullfight in Turkey is not actually sports but festivals which include traditional dance troupes ornamented in local costume, folk music concerts, bull wrestling, and wrestling competition. Other activities such as the picnics and barbecues, treks, relaxed concerts and dances will surely give you unforgettable holiday in Turkey.

Furthermore, Bullfighting is one of the much-awaited festivals that caught the interest of many local persons and tourists. This is held on third week of June. Bulls from all parts of the province are categorized according to the thickness of their necks or weight, and rough against one another. Although the bulls catch horns, push and toss each other and lash out smoke of dust, they don’t critically hurt each other.

The Kafka or festival is renowned for this type of event and provides a long-weekend entertainment. Friday is given over to poetry recitals and Georgian folk-dancing. While Saturday is observed to be the main attraction for wresting, followed by a concert. The Sunday is kept for the major episode celebrated during this festival- the bullfighting.

The springy grass of the yayla offers a perfect and free place for camping, however don't trust that you can get an early sleep because many exciting events awaits you here in this site. Bullfighting is just one of those, and before it begins, certain rules have been applied to protect bulls from injury and suffering. Defeat of a particular bull may be accepted if the weaker bull has been pulled out from the arena. Thus, Kafkasör bullfights have become wide picture of an exciting amusement and sports because they hold their own rules.

This type of bull fight is exceptional and defines the distinctive quality of the whole region. Each and every one in the community involves themselves in this much expected festival which also offer a historical production like minstrel poets as well as wrestling and folk dances which only shows the richness of Turkish history and culture?

By the support of the Artvin Regional Development and Service Foundation together with the book ARTVIN 2000 produced by the Artvin Governorship of Artvin, they inform many people about this event that gave a great impact to Turkish culture and sports by taking a remarkable role in research of this section.

Bull fighting is one of the breathtaking excitement, plus the other festivals and feasts. Turkey is surrounded with regions that is wealthy in celebrations and culture which reflects the creativity of people residing in this region. This would be your reason why you don’t want to miss the enthusiasm it offers!



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