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Affordable Hotels in Istanbul   


affordable hotels

At times, the visit to the Turkey’s mainland near the Dardanelles is exciting and interesting. If it is your first visit to Turkey’s Istanbul you will see in the dusk the rolling hills of the farmlands outside the city and the old walls and ruins of an old aqueduct.

Istanbul, is an old city (formerly Constantinople), is interesting. On leaving the airport for the city’s main part you will travel along new, broad highways and it was not long until the ancient walls becomes visible, during the Byzantine splendor, guarded the city from the marauders.


From the highway the entrance to the very gate through which Sultan Fatih rode in 1453 when the city fell to the Turks. By car you may traveled through the city’s old section, then crossed the Golden Horn and arrive in a hotel, which overlooks the lovely Bosporus.

The coffee houses were always full of men. Round loaves of bread were set in rows on shelves in the shop windows. The streets were paved with cobblestones and the trams and other traffic looked out of place on the old, narrow streets of the city. You will learn that traveling in that part of the city is best accomplished on foot.

Vehicles were jammed up and very little movement could be seen. The streets were crowded with people too, making a scene that was quite interesting. The feeling of in a different world, because all kinds of people from many nations live in Istanbul, a crossroads of the world.

Istanbul has been the center of much religious conflict and it is a city where the East meets West and where the many philosophies of life. Due to many tourist visitors, Turkey made its Istanbul City to be ready. They built hotels that will accommodate more and more of their wonderers. Finding the perfect hotel for your instant budget is not a problem.

Due to competitions and business strategies, many hotels in Istanbul are offering affordable fees of accommodation. This opportunity is a comfort that best fit to your ideal vacation and tour.

Looking for a hotel that is low costly is merits some time of effort, but here to give you an idea as recommended by the trusted individuals in Turkey follow this.

If you want to stay and relax in a five star hotel but still considering the budget, try the Marmara Hotel Istanbul or Hotel Ceylan Intercontinental Taksim and Hilton Hotel Istanbul Turkey offering around 165 - 200 euros.

If you prefer the four starred hotels in Istanbul, you may examine Keban Hotel Istanbul or yet could consider Hotel Golden Age 1 Taksim, Dilson Hotel Taxim, Feronya Hotel Taksim Istanbul and Hotel Euro Plaza Istanbul offering 65 – 75 euros.

If you find 3 starred hotels more appropriate, Taslik Hotel Istanbul can be considerable that is offering only 50 euros or Abella Hotel for around rates.

Two starred can also be the best to fit you like Gonen Hotel for 35 euros.

If you have the idea to travel to Istanbul, plan it now with the convenience of Istanbul’s affordable hotels. You can research hotels from this link hotel info.

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