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What to buy in Turkey?


Turkish Delight

An original product of Turkey: Lokum, made since the 15th century, renamed as Turkish Delight is made of sugar and starch. Often flavored with rosewater or lemon, Haci Bekir, a confectioner, developed the sweet when he obtained white sugar in the late 18th century. Eaten in tiny box liked shapes, the Turkish delight is typically sprinkled with copra or icing. With its soft texture and jelly like substance, its flavor varies from that of mint and cinnamon with some containing different ingredients such as walnuts, pistachios and hazelnuts. It is not common in other countries, so if ever you are a fan of sweets and find delight in eating them, don’t forget to rush to a sweets store while in Turkey and grab the world renowned Turkish Delight wherein you are sure to find glee in every bite!

turkish delight


Evel Eye (Blue Eye)

The Blue Eye or the “Nazar Boncugu”, otherwise known as the evil eye can be seen almost anywhere in Turkey. Some uses it as an ornament, some as an accessory illustrated as bracelets, earrings and even pendants of necklaces. Get creative as you like for it can even be found on anklets! But of course, there is more than meets the eye. This elegant ethnic piece that comes in different sizes acts as an amulet and a very powerful talisman. It is said toward off the so called negative or bad energy.

evil eye

  Here in Turkey, it is to ward off the ‘Nazar’. It redirects the energy to itself and breaks instead of you absorbing the energy. You can see it on babies, in stores, on cars, offices and homes. A gift back home for the one you care so much about or for yourself, this beautiful blue bead is an ideal and special souvenir.  

Jazz up your clothing with elegant Turkish jewelries

You can get a number of manufacturers that offers jewelries, which are promoted and controlled by the Turkish government. You can also purchase Turkish jewelries tax-free in all shopping centers and sealed with a top quality of art and designs.

The traditional protocol, advantages and the low-processing price are the major reasons why jewelries in Turkey are offered cheaply. Silver and gold-jewelry are sold by weight. Even though gold has a comprehensive approved flat rate and deliberate after the purity, the canceled value added tax and the low processing-cost are the reason why processed gold is so good in Turkey. Diamond is also amongst the lists of the low costs gems found in Turkey.

turkish jewelry



The city located in trading roads between Europe and the East where these are commonly found: Istanbul is the center for the trading of spices. Often, these spices prove significant in food preparation since these can be used as preservatives and likewise, an additive for the food’s flavor. These are also vital for rituals and medicinal purposes, especially the licorice. One could even remember if he or she is paying close attention to history classes is that the search for the land of spices triggered the expedition of European countries like Portugal and Spain. If you are a fond collector of these spices or if you would like to use it for your day-to-day cooking, then in Turkey you can always find a wide variety of these exotics.



Buying advice for Turkish Carpets and Kilims

Nowadays, Turkish carpets and kilims are so dynamic in sales, woven in hundreds of rural communities across the country. Fervent collectors can categorize the region of origin of a rug, and even distinguish the weaver of a carpet or kilim, since this particular art masterpiece is conceded down from one generation to the next. Each weaver has their own method, with their own unique pattern of colors and symbols. Kilims are made of wool, while carpets can be created using cotton or silk, and wool.

Carpets and Rugs

  When you visit Turkey, your stay will not be fulfilled if you don’t buy one of their lovely carpets and kilims. The most important factor in buying a carpet or kilim is whether or not you adore the carpet because the carpet you really like will give you more contentment than a carpet that seems to be a bargain.

If you are new in buying carpets for your souvenir, it is so important to get your deal from a dealer who appreciates quality and permanence. It is recommended to purchase your carpets and kilims from an educated and honest dealer.

Ceramics: Finest masterpiece of Turkey

Turkish ceramics are known to be one of the finest work of art and gift piece for your loved ones. They have different modern and traditional designs of Kutahya and Iznik Ceramic you can choose from. Each handmade art piece is custom ordered and carries the signature of its maker.


  These days, Cini a Turkish handmade Ceramics and handmade pottery work pursues the Turkish traditions, which are dated back to 8th and 9th centuries. In addition, the art of ceramic-making begin to develop modern art ideas and designs that reflect the customary secrets of Turkish handmade ceramics and pottery-making, and has the modern touch of 21st Century technology in art.

When you visit turkey, why not shop around and pick your own ceramic souvenir since there are huge number of stores that offer wide selection of designs, colors and styles of premium Ceramic Arts of Turkey.

Copper Ornaments

The populace of Anatolia has been able to put together tin and bronze. In the Age of Bronze it developed an alloy that can be used for kitchen wares and decorations or ornaments. As expected, this populace has added their own touches, designs and the likes which are still carried by the copper ornaments. Today, these goods range on coffee or tea sets, plates, kettles, bowls and the likes. With its intricate designs, these ornaments are great for displaying and for collection. However, if you prefer to be practical, then these ornaments can still be rendered useful in your home provided that you will give it extra care to avoid depreciation.

Copper Ornaments


Onyx is a type of quartz that varies in almost any color. It ranges to white with the exception of purple and blue. You can also have the pink, cream and green shades. There is quite a considerable amount of onyx in Turkey, especially in Anatolia. This stone often resembles a fingernail which can be made into a variety of souvenirs which includes beads and lovely works of art like vases, ash trays and bowls. In history however, especially in folklore, the onyx has been used for those targeted by psychic attacks of all forms. Beautiful, like the other stones, it is good to give it to those who love pieces of eccentric and one of a kind art or maybe, if you would like, use this souvenir from Turkey in that of your own cozy home or workplace.



Put on your chic Turkish leather clothing!

Turkish cuisine comes from lamb and mutton, which means there are many soft skins that will make excellent leather clothing and accessories. Istanbul is the heart of trade. It has shops where you can buy soft leather and suede coats, skirts, jackets, dresses, hats, vests, gloves, wallets, handbags and many other items.

Turkish leather clothing

  There are some tips on how to get best leather clothing found in Turkey. Here are some of those:
• Search in many shops in Istanbul or outside the market in surrounding streets. Find stores that will suit your taste and wallet by yourself, not with a local who may wait for a fee from the seller.
• Fit your leather clothing. Check on some garments, request for list of prices, and note down. These garments are beautifully hand-made, and they have different styles and sizes. If it doesn't fit perfectly, try another.
• Consider buying custom-made leather clothing. Many Turkish shops offers custom-made leather clothing based on your specifications, which includes size, color, style, accessories , etc for the same prize. If you prefer wearing leather clothing made in garment, allow as much time as possible! You should complete your shopping once you reach Istanbul. Be sure that you got your measurements with you, and give them time to finish the garment without speeding up. It is also recommended to put it on and approved it before you pay your purchased garments.

Keeping these few tips in mind while purchasing your leather clothing will help you pull off best results, and look good in your modish Turkish leather clothing.

Turkish Pottery: Mirror Image of Turkey’s culture and tradition

The art of Turkish pottery making was developed over the centuries which include many different techniques and styles. The pottery industry in Anatolia achieved a deservedly worldwide reputation with the support of the Ottoman court through the inspiration and arrival of the Seljuk's.

Today, Kutahya has been invigorated as an important center of tiles and pottery-making. additionally, hard work are also being made in private workshops and educational institutions in Bursa , Iznik,and Istanbul to keep the art of historic Turkish tiles and ceramics to continually exist and increase, so that it can focus on the demands of modern life.

Turkish pottery

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