The important location of Turkey
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The important location of Turkey   


     Turkey is a big country which is divided between the continents of Europe and Asia. It has a small part, called the Thrace in Europe while a larger part, Anatolia is present in Asia. It is situated between Greece and Syria bordering the Black Sea, Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Its external boundaries are mostly with the coastline with water on three sides protected by mountains along the eastern border. Its land boundaries are with Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Turkey is divided into seven geographical regions.
  The Marmara region is located in both Europe and Asia and it comprises of plains, low hills and high mountains. The land is suitable for both farming and industry. The crops grown here include sunflower, tobacco, grapes, grains and olives. Silk production is the main occupation in the area being one of the most profit –producing industry there. The land on the Aegean coast extending to central Anatolia is known as the Aegean region containing fertile plains, valleys and high mountains. The features of this land enable the growth of olive groves, fruit orchards and sunflower and tobacco fields.

The Mediterranean area includes the land on the Mediterranean coast, the Taurus mountain range and extending along the southern shore. The important agricultural products found here are citrus fruits, bananas, cotton, sesame and vegetables. The high plateaus of the Taurus range provide good conditions for raising livestock and grains. The Black Sea region covers the land present on the Black Sea coast. Due to the helpful humid climate and fertile soil, the area is thickly vegetated. Hazelnut, corn, tobacco and tea are the main agricultural products grown here and livestock is commonly raised by farmers supplying them with useful byproducts like butter and milk.

The vast plateau of central Anatolia is mainly characterized by the hot dry summers, cold damp winters and unfertile soil. Still agriculture is practiced here and grains and livestock are the main products. The eastern Anatolia region is the largest and mountainous area in Anatolia. The long and immensely cold winters give harsher and intolerable conditions for the people to live in. Only grains such as wheat and barley are grown here and livestock farming is done in the northern part of this area. The southeastern Anatolia region consists of large unforested land with a dry climate. Except the wide wasteland, agriculture is practiced in the irrigated basins and valleys. Large dams built over the two huge rivers of Euphrates and Tigris irrigates the area assisting the farmer. Grains, rice, grapes and vegetables are the major products grown here that provide much benefits to the inhabitants. The Anatolian city of Ankara has also emerged as an important industrial and cultural center.

The significant geographical location of Turkey also gives it easy access to strategically important areas and major energy resources. Turkey also gives access to Asian states where military operations are needed to be carried out and so military bases can be built according to the will of the government. The natural position of Turkey provides a link from the West to the East. It bridges up the conflicts between the West and the East through the political influence and the trade routes it offers. Pipeline projects connecting the Asian and European states can be conducted through this country due to its important location. Seeking aid and attracting western investors is not a problem for Turkey due to its short distances from those countries. The significant location of Turkey also allows it to have increased foreign export making it one of the major economic forces in the international market.

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