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The suitable climate found in Turkey   


     Turkey contains a diverse weather pattern owing to its different topographical features. The existence of mountains that run parallel to the coastal regions provide a range of landscape features resulting in dissimilar climatic conditions from one area to another.

The climate of Turkey is mostly influenced by its eastern position and the sea that surrounds it.
  The Black Sea region in Turkey has an oceanic or a maritime climate throughout the year accounting for a high and evenly distributed rainfall all year round. This is the only region in Turkey which receives high amount of rainfall averaging to 2500 millimeters annually. The temperature is warm and humid during the summers while mild and wet in the winters here. The period from April to September is most advisable for touring this area as the person can experience the pleasant showers and the moderate summers.

The coastal areas around the Sea of Marmara experience a moderate climate from warm, dry summers to cool and relatively wet winters. Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey, is also a part of these coastal regions where the winter temperatures can drop to below zero and snow occurs here and in the areas surrounding the Black Sea almost every year. The snowfall is not much intense and snow usually lies for just a short period of time. On the southern coast of Anatolia (Mediterranean region), a similar type of climate is present here although snow is uncommon in these parts including the areas near the Aegean Sea.
The mountains surrounding the coastal areas block the Mediterranean winds preventing their effect on the central Anatolian plateau that is present in the interior part of Turkey. Here, conditions are much harsher and arid. The climate here is extreme and a sharp change in the temperature is witnessed during the different seasons. Winter conditions here are particularly severe and heavy snowfall is observed in these areas. Grounds become frosted deep in snow for months. Temperature during the winter, in eastern Anatolia, can fall to an intolerable -20 to -30 ‘C as well. In the western parts of Anatolia, generally scorching and arid summers with average temperatures above 30 ‘C is recorded.

Mild winters with temperatures up to 10 ‘C is present in western Anatolia and annual precipitation is also quite low averaging at about 4000 millimeters. The regions in Turkey where least rainfall falls include the Konya plain and the Malatya plain where the yearly rainfall is often less than 300 millimeters. May is the wettest month and July and August are usually the driest.

Average sunlight hours also depend upon the type of climate found in different parts of Turkey. In the mountainous regions and the central Anatolia plateau, long cold nights are experienced by the people there. Sunlight hours increase in the summers and are usually longer in the coastal areas being hot and humid.

When planning to visit Turkey, it is necessary to keep in mind the type of climate found during the season and also be sure that which month would be best for travelling there. Swimming in the coastal areas is much popular among tourists and so it is advisable to visit Turkey during the months of April to September so that the person can enjoy the pleasant weather after the slight showers and swim as well. Some regions in Turkey like the Mediterranean and South Aegean parts are not suitable to tour during the months of July and August as they are too hot so it is desirable to travel there during the cool mild winters to better benefit from visiting the location.

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