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     Turkey also known as the Eastern Thrace is a republic city that lies in both Europe and Asia. It acts as a connector between the East and the West.

The city is bounded by the Black sea and the Bulgaria in the north and by the Aegean Sea and the Greece in West.

Turkey is considered to be among the most developed countries of Middle Eastern Asia.

  Turkey is considered as an exotic land, that is criss-crossed with the cloud-dappled mountains, uplands and plateaus, and fertile valleys. The city was earlier under the influence of the Romans and the Ottomans. Once you visit this city you will find that the glories of this city evoke some special affection that cannot be simply washed away with time because of its rich traditions and customs.

Turkey has something for everyone. If you are a shop alcoholic, then there are many frenzied market places for you. Turkey is famous for its lively and sporty ambience of art and music, and for imperial minarets and residences. The Central Turkey offers all the travelers an astounding landscape that consists of eroded volcanic rocks and fairy chimneys. It has various subterranean cities comprising of rock-hewn houses that beautifully merge with its colored landscape.

If you are a sea side love then turkey has something for you also. The southern part of the turkey consists of the 'Turquoise Coast' that is famous for the boat cruises. Here people can enjoy various water sports, and can have sunbathe on the golden sands. Turkey also comprises of wonderful ancient cities of the Troy and the Ephesus, so there is much to explore here for the archaeologists.

Being a lover of the scenic beauty, during my trip to Turkey I concentrated more on the Western Turkey, that have various picturesque seaside resorts. These are situated along the costs of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea. There were many recreational attractions, with well-preserved museums and archaeological sites.

Turkey is surrounded by the mountainous terrain and the sea shores. Because of the mountains and the maritime influence, climate of this city vary greatly. The city is rich in minerals like mercury, boron, manganese, copper, coal and petroleum. The Turks and the Sunni Muslims are the dominating class among the population here. The people here are very hospitable and extremely simple.

Turkey offers many spectacular places for the travelers. It has a living museum that is full of the antiquities brought from Greece. It also offers the archaeologists to explore spiraling ruined temples, and various medieval castles that were built during the 16th and 17th centuries. The city is famous for its ancient mosques that seems to be floating and are considered to show harmony between the rhythms of the time and earth.

Other major attractions of the city are topkapi palace museum that is famous for its treasure, Grand Bazaar where you can shop for the jewelry, carpets, copper, leather, and hand-woven textiles, Dolmabahce Palace that was built by the Sultans and is considered as the most beautiful palace of Europe, Kariye Museum consisting of the mosaics of Birgin Mary and Jesus Christ, and the Galata Tower that is the Jumbled puzzle of various houses and passageways.

If you want to learn Turkish then you can follow the books called "Colloquial Turkish” by Yusuf Mardin. This book has various sentence patterns for easy learning. This can also provide you with the phonological description. Besides this, the other useful method is to make use of a tape. It helps to get the knowledge of the sounds of Turkish and helps you to get down correctly from the starting.

You can also take the help of the native speaker to know the pronunciation rules correctly. The Turkish grammar is very regular. It consists of a few dozen of the verbs that have variant forms of the one tense stem, and one irregular noun.

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