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     If you want to travel to a place that is rich history, do not miss the Christian sites in Turkey.

All of the sites can be traced back to the beginning of the biblical years. Here in Turkey, you will find seven exclusive holy places that are even mentioned in the bible.

These renowned locations are one of the highlights of traveling to Turkey. You do not want to miss out on this.

There are seven important Christian sites in Turkey.
  They are listed in the (book of Revelations) in the bible. The first amazing christen site is called (Ephesus); it was praised in the bible for its strong “perseverance”. You can visit the museum, and feel the power of the holy site for yourself. The museum is filled with original architectural details. It has been preserved in its natural state, and is just as it was in the biblical days. After you are done at the museum, you will also want to go and check out the theater. The theater is a great example, of what it was like for the people at that point in time. It is one of the best keep secrets of the world.

If you want to pray in the holy presence of the lord, then you will want to visit the (Saint Polycarp Church). The church is located in “Smyra”. This christen site in Turkey, was mentioned in the bible as the “place of pending persecution”. It was named by Saint Paul. He called the church this, because it was the proper place to come and face persecution for your sins. In front of the lord, people would kneel, and ask for forgiveness. Some believer’s say, that it is the closest thing to heaven on earth. Being washed of your sins in this holy place is a spiritual awakening.

“Bergama”, known as the throne of Satan, is feared in the country of Turkey. Many travelers want to visit this sight, and see if they can feel the fear for themselves. You can go, and see the altar that is still there today.

Known for its ability to increase faith and service, (Thyatira) is a public building that was created long ago. It has a unique style about it. It is distinctive, and attracts many tourists to its location. The next place that you might visit on your christen sites in Turkey tour is ( Sardis). The disiples thought that this town was very cold, and needed to awaken its spiritual side. Though it is filled with many great temples and churches, people there were emotionally dead inside.

People can visit the ( Byzantine Church), and feel the holy spirit amoung them. The next stop will be (Laodicea). This town is known for its lukewarm spiritual ability. The stadium that stands tall in this historic place, is a common site to see. Many people come here not only to enjoy the spiritual quality, but to enjoy the structure itself. The stadium is full of details that date back centuries. They will include drawings, and carvings of crosses and angel’s. some of these images are believed to be sculped by Jesus. The last christen site in turkey that people like to see is ( Alasehir).

Though there are few sites left standing in this holy field of sand and ruble, people swear that they can feel a strong presence here. As you stand on top of a pile of ruble, you should close your eyes, and take a moment to absorb the sites that you have visited on your trip. Visiting the holy ground, can be a life changing experience. Let the spirit in, and feel the power of Christianity at its best.

You will never visit a place that is closer to spirituality as this. Take it all in, and give yourself the chance to clear your mind. The christien sites in Turkey, that you have visited today will live in your heart forever.

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