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The great majority of the population of Turkey belongs to young people; the country provides camp centers and facilities which give rolex replica watches uk tourists and local young people to enjoy an easy holiday. In Turkey, young people are really encourage to travel because it is one of the effective ways to improve and develop their personalities, a chance to visit new places, faces, lives and cultures. Youth tourism in Turkey ensures learning while travelling.

The public and private sectors undertake necessary actions that provide safe, clean, inexpensive recreational areas and resorts for their youth to be able to promote enthusiastic participation of the young to tourism.

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There are various organizations which aim to facilitate temporary accommodations for local and foreign young people. Youth tourism in Turkey became the most popular rolex replicas watches leisure activity provided that they will abide by some of the rules specified of the organizations handling their tour like:

There is time limitation on the facilities provided by the organizations as included in the guide.
There is an age requirement for an individual who wish to participate the activities rolex swiss replica watches of the organizations.
The applications of the participants should be made will directly to the addresses or telephones of the facilities of their chosen organizations.
Detailed information about the organizations is included in the relevant and specified chapter of the guide book.
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There are also youth camps supported by the Youth and Sports Administration. These youth Camps were usually held during the summer months on the Youth Camp facilities. When the facilities were not in used for youth camps, it is open for both young locals and tourists as part of their Youth tourism project.

Young people ages from 18-26 years of age are eligible to join this youth camp. Tourists participants must present their IYC or ISIC ID and for Turkey citizens they must present valid ID.

The reservations for the events provided by the youth camp should be made in the offices of the Youth and Sports Administration in the province where the youth camp will be held. In order to make the facilities are ready and equipped for the camp reservations must be made one month in advance and a minimum of 10 participants is required.

Turkey for students and young people will give them great opportunity to learn and experience new things as if you are in a big exhibit and seeing a picture of history and culture dated in hundreds of years all in one place. The history, activities, nature and mix cultures of this country has to offer will definitely endow the youth an additional knowledge that will prepare them on their life’s journey. Turkey has beautiful that awaits discovery and appreciation and there are accommodations that will definitely suit every young people’s budget because some resorts offers discounts for young tourists. Tourism in Turkey for the youth will open a new door of possibilities to a whole new world. The Turkey’s unique and traditional hospitality, a good quality of food and drinks, endless activities and voyage will guarantees the success of every youth’s learning.

Youth Hostels
Youth hostels are not common in Turkey, especially once you leave Istanbul. Pansions are so reasonably priced that there is really no need for hostels. Some student dormitories, known as yurt, cater for short term summer lodgers (aged 18-26 with IYHF, IYC or ISIC cards) between 15 July-10 September but these are likely to be cramped, somewhat dreary and not centrally located.

Information can be obtained from the Yurtkur General Directorate (Telephone: 312-431 11 00).

Hostels in Istanbul:
Orient International Youth Hostel
Akbiyik Caddesi 13 Sultanahmet
Tel: 0 212-516-0171 / 516-0194

Sultan Tourist Hostel
Address: 2. Akbiyik Caddesi Terbiyik Sok 3 Sultanahmet
Tel: 0 212-516-9260

Topkapi Hostel
Address: Isakpasa Caddesi Kutlugun sok 1 Sultanahmet
Tel: 0 212-527-2433

Sarialan Forest Camp
Location: Uludag National Park
Facilities: Bathrooms, toilets, showers, food stand, water, electricity.
Electricity for motor home and tents: Charged per amount used.
Open: 1 June-01 September
Tel: (0224) 211 12 35 - 211 42 86
Fax: (0224) 211 22 30

Cobankaya Forest Camp
Location: Uludag National Park
Facilities: Children's playground, bathrooms, toilets, showers, food stand, water and electricity.
Open: 1 June-01 September
Tel: (0224) 211 12 35 / 211 42 86
Fax: (0224) 211 22 30


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