Enjoy the life style and history of Turkey
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Enjoy the life style and history of Turkey   

       The country is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and black sea which gives it an amazing climate to relax and enjoy. The country has so much to offer for people who love history. It also has many dance clubs, night clubs, beaches etc for partying.

Turkey is not only famous for its historical monuments; mosques etc but also for its beaches, dance clubs etc.

People visiting this place can enjoy all these. The capital city of Turkey, Istanbul is also very famous tourist destination with lots of amazing places.
  Dance clubs in this city is very special and famous. It is a unique place which plenty of things to offer to its visitors. It is place with fascinating history and great culture. You can see and enjoy both western and eastern culture in this place.

Republic of Turkey has lots of geographical and historical significance. It is merging place of eastern and western culture. People visiting this country can enjoy and experience eastern and western lifestyles. The number of people visiting this country is increasing steeply every year.

More and more people are realizing various advantages of enjoying their holidays in this country. The country has so much to offer to its visitors. The country is attracting many people every year. Historical monuments, beaches, ottoman mosques etc is will be an amazing experience to anyone who visits this place. The country also has many dance clubs, parks and museums for its visitors.

Major attraction of Turkey is its historical monuments and mosques. You can see plenty of ancient ottoman mosques all around the country. Greek city is another historical attraction. This place contains many museums, parks, etc. Beautiful beaches are another attraction of this place. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy after a busy day of exploring and enjoying. Good climate is the major attraction of these beaches. People can enjoy variety of local tasty food items.

Most of the local food items of Turkey are famous all over the world. People can enjoy all these items in its traditional way in the local restaurants. Lots of people prefer to enjoy their weekends in Turkey due to many reasons. There will be no other place where you can enjoy such unique and diverse cultures. Turkey has a fascinating history, culture, food, geography, climate etc.

There are many dance clubs in this country for enjoying your trip. Dance clubs and night clubs in Turkey is very famous and they are the perfect place for enjoying. Clubs are common in all the cities of Turkey. Most of the famous dance clubs are in the Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey. Istanbul is also the most populated city in Turkey. If you want to enjoy your weekends then dance clubs are the perfect place. Dance clubs in Turkey is special and it will provide a memorable experience to the visitors. No country in the world will provide so much diverse and unique amusements its visitors.

Some of the dance clubs in istambul:

Crystal / Club Crystal
Adress: Muallim Naci Cad. No: 109 Ortakoy – Besiktas
Tel: 0212 229 71 52 – Faks: 261 19 88

Murphys Dance Bar
Adress: Setur Marina B Iskelesi Ucu Kalamis / Kadikoy
Tel: 0216 349 73 63

147 Zincirlikuyu
Adress: Buyukdere Cad. No.147 Zincirlikuyu / Besiktas
Tel: 0212 213 0136

Adress: Seyhbender Sok. No.3 Tunel Asmali Mescit / Beyoglu
Tel: 0212 292 73 68 – Faks: 0212 292 73 68

Balans Music & Performance Hall
Adress: Huseyinaga Mah. Istiklal Cad. Balo Sok. No.22 K.2 Yusufpasa / Beyoglu
Telefon: 02122517020 – Faks: 0212251718

Balo Club Taksim
Adress: Istiklal Cad. Balo Sok. No.6 – Taksim / Beyoglu
Telefon: 02122449515

Buenos Aires Asmali Mescit
Adress: Mesrutiyet Cad. No.251 Asmali Mescit / Beyoglu
Telefon: 0 212 2451670

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