Turkish nighlt life: VIP Bars and Discos
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Turkish nighlt life: VIP Bars and Discos


     Istanbul is filled with so many things to do especially on the social scenes; night life in Istanbul is getting hotter these days, Jolly joker Istanbul for instance has become an ideal concert venue for those who love rock music, local and international rock artists always come here to perform live.

Night life in Istanbul also includes belly dancer shows, Turkish folkloric music concerts and shows, and modern DJ music shows.

You can go for drinking night-outs at one of the Turkish Meyhanes; meyhanes are Turkish Taverns that serve beers, wines and the traditional Turkish raki.

Aside drinking at night-outs, you can also enjoy the succulent fruits and Kebabs, many of Istanbul Meyhanes are located in places like Cisek Pasaj. Some of the most popular night life destination centers in Istanbul are; Dulcinea, Big Buddha, Babylon, Cheers, High End and Hayal Kahvesi.

Hayal Kahvesi is one of the best spots for live performances from local rock groups and bands, aside the fact that rock, pop, and jazz music are played here, delicious foods and drinks are also served.

If you are looking for a lovely night out for modern hip hop, and techno music, then you should visit, the “High End”.

As sun gets down energy definitely gets up in Istanbul that boasts the best night life scenes of Europe. So get ready for the spectacular selection of bars, pubs, and nightclubs in about each style imaginable. No matter whether you are after the cozy wine bar, roof terrace bar, raucous Turkish tavern, or raging nightclub on Bosphorus, there is something for each night owl at Istanbul.

Night life in Istanbul is legendary and when sun gets down and lights go on, this city becomes a big scene for the nightlife with incredibly different options. City switches in the vibrant scene of the night life action.

Bosphorus shore front restaurants & nightclubs also have most amazing sights with any type of the music and food that you may select in between. There are the wide range of nightclubs, bars, hotel lounges and restaurants that give scenic rooftops to watch shining jewel named Istanbul during night as well as to have most beautiful night ever…

During summer, many restaurants move to the summer places, primarily rooftops, and where you may have the dinner with delicious glass of the Turkish wine when watching lights of this city as well as feeling on soft breeze.


Open everyday 22.00 - 04.00
Live performances of different
ethnic, rock, jazz bands.
Adress: Seyhbender Sok. no: 3 Asmalimescit / Taksim

Big Buddha

Open everyday 12.00 - 02.00
Very popular among high society.
Intercontinental dishes are
also available.
Levent cad no:15 1.Levent



A popular young tourist
hang-out in the old city.
Serves sandwiches and salads.
Adress: Akbiyik Cad no:20


Plays Jazz, Classical, Ethnic music.
Open everyday 10.00 - 02.00
Adress: Istiklal Cad. Meselik Sok
no:20 Taksim

High End

Open everyday 24.00 - 04.00
Plays techno, dance, house music
18 - 35 age group .
Adress: Nispetiye Cad no:4 Etiler


Hayal Kahvesi

Live performances of local bands
Rock, Pop, Jazz is played
and delicious food is served.
Adress: Buyukparmakkapi Sok no:19 Taksim

Open only in summers
Popular among high society.
Nightclub complex with restaurants.
Adress: Muallim Naci cad 141-142 Kurucesme


Open everyday 22.00 - 04.00
Underground, Pop, Rock
Expect a cover charge.
Siraselviler Cad.
Adress: Aslanyatagi Sok Taksim

Open everyday 10.00 - 02.00
Plays trendy music and popular among the cool types.
Adress: Istiklal Cad. Atlas Passage Beyoglu
360 Istanbul
Istiklal Cad. Misir Apt. Kat: 8
Auf Istiklal Caddesi
Balo Sokak No: 6 Kat: -1, -2
Tel: 2510166
Fame Club
Istiklal Cd. Rumeli Han No:88 Beyoglu
Tel: 212-2492969 / 538-2758388
Purple Club
Istiklal Caddesi Mis Sokak No:20
Tel: 2458933 - Gsm:0 532 2476448
Siraselviler Cad. 67/1 Taksim
Tel: 0212 243 69 69
Hamam Xtra Club
Istiklal Caddesi Bahceli Hamam Sokak No:3
Tel: 2448889
Riddim Club (RnB - HipHop)
Sira Selviler Cd. No: 69/1 Alt kat
Tel: 0212 251 27 23 - 0212 251 30 15
Balo Stage Club
Istiklal Caddesi Balo Sk. No:6
Tel: 0542 272 92 85
Tamtam mah. akarsu sok. No:1-2-4-5 Galatasaray
Tel: 2451307 Fax: 2448589
Secret Club
Istiklal cad. Saka Salim Cikmazi No: 3 K: 1
Tel: 245 96 92 - 91 Fax: 245 96 90
Cambaz Club
Istiklal Caddesi Imam Adnan Sokak No:25
Tel: 2447592 Fax: 2447593
Kameriye 3.Kat Club Nevizade Kameriye Sokak No:26
Tel: 2442809 Fax: 2511634
Studio Live
Sakiz Agaci Büyük Bayram sok. No: 1
Tel: 2440030 Fax: 2447714
Caracol Club
Lamartin Caddesi No:14
Tel: 2566674 - 75 Fax: 2975830
Le Secret
Istiklal Cd. Büyükparmakkapi Sk. No:25 Beyoglu
Tel: 0212 251 92 29 Fax: 0212 251 92 43
Tangojean Club
Süslü Saksi Sok. No: 14-18 Kat: 2-3
Tel: 2455554
Club Dogzstar
Tomtom mah. Tosbaga sk. No:22 Galarasaray
Tel: 2441081
Life Roof
Istiklal Caddesi Imam Adnan Sokak No: 16
Tel: 212-2936615
Taximus Club
Aydede Cad. No:4/1 Talimhane Taksim
Tel: 0212 361 40 67 - 361 41 38 - 0532 455 84 93
Club Karaborsa
Sakizagaci Caddesi B. Bayram Sokak No:3
Tel: 2448523-24
Büyükparmakkapi Sokak No:26
Tel: 2432927 Fax: 2432991
Isitklal Cd. No:179 Beyoglu.
Tel: 212- 2443467-68
Clup Torro
Isitklal Cd. Imam Adnan Sk. No:28/1
Tel: 537-2878760 / 537-6125822
Olimpia Live
Acara Sok. Misir Apt. No:12 Galatasaray
Tel: 2440442 Fax: 2493171
XS Club
Balo Sokak No:32
Tel: 2446612
Cinaralti Club Istiklal Cad. Balo Sok. No:14 Beyoglu
Tel: 0212 251 37 24 - 251 37 25

Papilion Club
Balo Sok. No:31 Beyoglu
Tel: 0544 480 83 97
Bekar Sokak No:14/3
Tel: 05555094822



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