Turkey has been a major exporter of cloth
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Turkey has been a major exporter of cloth   


     Turkey has successfully developed it textile industry over a past few years. This is all because of the south Asian and western countries that have been continuously buying traditional dress of this beautiful country. Turkey is rightly known as place where east and west meet.

Textile industry in Turkey also finds itself approaching the last crossroad. In addition to this, a recent up rise in sale of the clothing and apparels has named turkey as one of the emerging markets, alongside South Africa, Egypt and Indonesia.

  Many experts have stated their opinions regarding the export vision of 2013, as they see improvement in fashion brands. Turkey has become increasingly popular sourcing destination for European elite brands especially due to the high cost of raw materials and Chinese labor. However, to ensure the progress of this textile industry and to protect local manufacturing, Turkish government has introduced safe guard measures that will further help them to achieve future export targets of next decade.

There is no doubt that Turkey is on its course to increase the amount of exports every year, and therefore, local and international brands are focusing on being fast, flexible and fashionable. Due to increase in demand of Turkish manufactured clothing, Turkish fashion has been seen its all-time high, pushing economy to surpass maximum. There has been a lot more value added production and therefore many other fashion related industries like yarn manufacturing, printing, dyeing plants and cutting have been set up. Although majority of the manufactured clothing is destined to be exported, the industry is also keen to fulfill the local demand to avoid the money flushing to other nations. Many of the citizens prefer wearing locally-manufactured clothing due to its affordable price as well as a pride factor.

Moving on with the luxury perspective of fashion world in Turkey, the future of textile industry lies in production of value added products, rather than just fulfilling local mediocre needs. However, since the Turkish market is evolving day by day, there is a booming demand for high quality brands. No doubt that country stands on a strong industrial tradition in textile and apparel industry, it has a natural connecting with East. Eastern countries are main buyers of Turkish products, including traditional and classic wear. It is expected that the demand of such apparels will move from Asia to Mediterranean countries to serve the demands of export markets like North America and Europe.

One important aspect that needs to be resolved is that many people understand that Turkey is an expensive country that stops them from buying their products and specially clothing. It is true that traditional cloths that are exported to other countries are expensive, but they are worth buying. People fail to understand the difference between net margin and gross margin.

In fact, summing this all up, fashion industry of Turkey has flourished from year to year, making it more competitive. Moreover, more interesting fact is that bulk quantity from turkey is very much competitive with those that come from China or Australia. Quality of turkey’s fashion and clothing is able enough to bridge the gap between cheap Chinese and way too expensive United States of America and Italy. It is highly recommended that you visit Turkey at least once in your life time and enjoy cultural life of Turkish dress. Suggesting the fact from an expert, we can expect Turkish Fashion Industry to flourish all over the decades.

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