The Best Seasons to visit Turkey
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The Best Seasons to visit Turkey   


     The perfect amalgam of oriental and modern, East and West and some of the most spectacular scenic beauties, makes Turkey an invincible tourist spot.

It is flooded with tourists according to different activities and festivals all round the year.

You should also plan your vacation depending on the goal of your trip and decide the best months to visit Turkey.

  Tourism in Turkey has some general patterns according to the weather conditions and timing of the different festivals. Be it the waterfront leisure, exploration into archeological sites, high-octane pursuits or the Tulip festival and music festivals performances in the Aspendos Theatre, all occur at different times of the year. This article will help you to plan your vacation according to your preferable climatic conditions and the respective suitable activities in that season.

These are the following seasons suitable for visiting Turkey:
Shoulder Season
This season includes months of April, May, mid- to late September and October (that are the seasons of Spring and Autumn). This season is quite favorable if you want to visit Turkey’s village resorts and historic sites of Mediterranean or Aegean as the climatic conditions are reasonable with bearable heat and less rainfall. Moreover, the perfect midday sunlight is reflected and magnified off the white stone and marble in the archeological sites which enhances its beauty manifold. The museums are also less crowded as the summer vacations are just over and schools and universities are reopened for the students. It is an off-season for these tourist spots as most people prefer Cappadocia and Istanbul at this time of the year.

Spring time (April-May) is perfect for all the water sports lovers. If you are a one, then you could enjoy rafting and canoeing in Cappadocia due to the spring meltdown. Hiking, biking, hot air ballooning and camping in Cappadocia and coastal villages are perfect in both pleasant spring and fall diversions. Due to the favorable conditions, these places get flooded up with a lot of tourists with most of the boutique hotels fully booked and with comparatively high prices. All airlines and trains are full, and one has to prebook for the tickets. On the other hand, the local buses are also crowded with the extensive load of the tourists.

Summers (mid- June to mid-September) in Turkey is pretty warm, dry and rainless. In this time of the year, seaside resorts and waterfront leisure are crowded with a lot of tourists. The waterfront hotels are fully booked, and their prices are extremely high. It is an excellent time for sun bathing, rafting and canoeing in the warm sea. Whereas cities like Cappadocia and Istanbul are much cheaper at this time of the year. There is no rush of people, and the environment is more comfortable and pleasing.

Winters (November - March) are the least favorable for tourists activities. The weather is very chilly and rainy, with few cold and sunny days. All the coastal towns are shut down but are open at times of Christmas and New Year’s Holidays. On the other hand, Cappadocia becomes an exotic and beautiful wonderland after the dusting of snow on the peaks of mountains. But due to the hostile climate, horseback riding trek is disturbed. The months of December and January are quite rainy, which makes all the archeological sites isolated, and there are also no queues in sight at museums of Istanbul. All the prices of hotels are remarkably cheap so if you have a low budget and want lesser crowds, you can surely visit Turkey in winters and can still manage to get spell-bounded by all the breathtaking tourists resorts.

It’s up to you to decide which month of the year is most suitable for you but whatever the time of the year it is, visiting Turkey will surely be one of the best experience of your lives.

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