What kind of food is available in Turkey?
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What kind of food is available in Turkey?   


     Turkish cuisine, like its location, is a blend of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines. It is sometimes also called as ‘Ottoman cuisine’ which is the fusion of a variety of culinary custom from three different cultures’ heritage. Inside Turkey, the cuisine varies with respect to the region and it has been divided into three sections.

One is based on Ottoman’s cuisine that is less spicy, with rice and mostly seafood. Second region is Black Sea Region that serves maize dishes and the third type of cuisine fuses South Eastern cuisine, famous for its deserts and kebabs.
  Overall food of Turkey is very delicious and the variety of different cuisines fused with the Turkish cuisine makes it delightfully unique. Due to its minerals rich soil and ideal weather, it produces a vast variety of culinary custom for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Seafood from the Black Sea cuisine garnishes the savory of Turkish cuisine. Turkey is among those countries that have huge agricultural area and produces more food that their consumption and exports extra food which is in excess.

Although, the Turkish cuisine inspires people from Central Asia and Gulf region, still, Turkey is not recognized as a touring destination due to the unavailability of foreign food in the country. All in all, this extremely appetizing cuisine does compensate the availability of foreign food variety.

Breakfast Food in Turkey:
The Turkish word for breakfast means ‘before coffee’. Breakfast in Turkey is usually light, since it is quite similar to Western breakfast. A typical Turkish breakfast consists of fresh bread served with butter, olive, eggs, feta cheese, jam, cucumber, tomatoes, honey and Susak (a spicy Turkish sauce). Sometimes soups are also taken as a morning meal. Tea is a traditional drink of Turkish cuisine and it is also a part of breakfast, including lunch and supper.

Sometimes, the breakfast tea is replaced by hot and sweetened honey milk. Surprisingly, there exists a special pastry for breakfast which is stuffed with cheese and served warm. These consumables are often replaced by some other dairy products when the time comes, either to change the breakfast menu or when the climate shifts.

Food for Lunch in Turkey:
The cuisine for Lunch in Turkey is almost the same as for the dinner. Here, people mostly have lunch after the noon. Generally, a large number of people eat more lunch than breakfast and dinner but in cold weather, the situation gets completely opposite. They eat less during lunch and satisfy their appetite when it’s time for the dinner to be served.

Salad is an essential part of Turkish cuisine and people prefer to have it as a starter, before the main food. Several types of salads with dips are served in dinner as well as in lunch. A Turkish salad consists of different vegetables served with olive oil, cheese or cream. After the salad, people like to have ‘meze’ as their main course of food. A meze is an appetizer served with or without beverage. Most of them lie in the same category of starter but they can be served as a main course as well.

Dinner in Turkey:
In Turkey, dinner is somewhat the same as the Turkish cuisine for lunch, except for some addition to it like seafood, beverages and juices. Seafood from the Black Sea Region is extensively used in some parts of the country. These regions are actually the towns on the shore of Black Sea and the variety of seafood across the country comes from this part of Turkey. Fish is the most famous among sea food, served fried with lemonade as a drink.

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