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Turkish Appetite- Taste of Europe   


     Turkey is one of the most renowned countries in Europe. It enjoys a high status among its neighboring states. Turkey is known for numerous things, but one thing, which has taken, the lead over others is Turkish Appetizers.

People around the world enjoy having delicious food. Most of them get tired of eating food which is served in their country so they turn towards other countries.

It is the variety in the eatables which attracts people.

  Turkey offers a wide range and variety of appetizers to its visitors and residents. Appetizers are of excellent quality and entertain themselves as unique in appearance. This is why people from all around the world visit turkey, just to get their hands on these savory dishes. They are a true source of delight! Some of the most celebrated appetizers of turkey are Roasted Red Peppers. This is a simple dish, which is served, with garlic bread.

Though, it is an ordinary dish but the way it is presented in front of people, is commendable. Turkish Chickpea Dip is also one of the famous ones in Turkey. It is all time classical dish which has to be cooked with all of the heart, to make it presentable to people. Though, this dish is tasty as it is but accompanying it with toasted pide slices, the delight of this appetizer doubles.

Broad range of beverages is also severed in Turkey. These include Ayran, Turkish Tea, Turkish coffee, cocoa milk and Turkish Lemonade. These are mostly served with the appetizers though people can have them separately. As mentioned before, Turkish people are masters of innovation. They present a wide range of the highest quality food which is not only pleasing to the eye but also delicious to eat. One of the finger-liking appetizers of Turkey is Cigarette Borek.

As the name implies, it is has something to do with cigarette. Though, real cigarettes are kept out of the business, but people are served with similar sized rolls. These rolls have a unique outlook. They are stuffed with chicken with the covering of cheese. People are seen veraciously eating it, like it is the end of the world.

Apart from the usual food stuff available in Turkish nation, the concerned authorities have also felt the need to advertise their incredible appetizers. For this purpose, turkish models are employed. They are witnessed on television screens, wearing the traditional turkish dress and advertising the food products. It is an appraisable effort by the local government of Turkey which is striving hard to grow the base of food industry in this country. Recognizing the fact that a great number of tourists visit Turkey every year, just for food items, it is not surprising to see higher authorities getting involved in the food industry. Huge sums are invested in this sector due to which the success rate of it has rapidly grown over the past few years.

Turkey also offers a 21 day vegan diet for people. It is a unique practice. There are 21 dishes, which are served, one day at a time, for twenty one days. Though, it sounds crazy, but this practice has picked up great fame over the past few years. As it is a complete package of 21 days, people are offered special discounts for it. This is also one of the means of popularizing the food industry in Turkey and displaying the uniqueness of this country. The dishes which are offered comprise mainly of Turkey’s best appetizers. The technical experts in Turkey have also developed food sites on the internet to provide 24 hour recipe details to people.

Thus, it is worth saying that Turkey is ranked as one of the best provider of appetizers.

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