Museums of Turkey- A must visit!
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Museums of Turkey- A must visit!   


     Turkey is a country which is a home to historic events. A country that stretches from West Asia to Southeastern Europe has a strong link with various civilizations. Many wars and changes in rulers over the centuries have contributed greatly to the history of Turkey.

The end of Caliphate by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk signifies a massive change in the ruling body of Muslims. He headed military officers in World War I and offered a successful resistance to the allies in 1923 and founded the Republic of Turkey, becoming the country’s first president.
  Ataturk had a great attachment to exhibition of ancient artifacts and showed involvement in preserving the rich history of the land. Therefore, Turkey has numerous museums all around the country and they work as an attraction for the tourisms, visiting Turkey.

Following the independence of Turkey, few museums were built, namely Archeological Museum of Istanbul, Istanbul Military Museum and a few more including some Ottoman Empire museums in some cities of Anatolia. But, today Turkey’s museums have a famous name worldwide. Locals and foreigners are equally appealed by the museums of Turkey.

There are countless museums in the country that unearth the wealthy history of the land which spans through thousands of years. The most visited 25 museums of turkey are Archaeological Museum, Istanbul, Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul, Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara, Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, Istanbul, Zeugma Mosaic Museum, Gaziantep, Antalya Museum, Antalya, Aspendos Archaeological Site, Antalya, Konya Mevlana Museum, Konya, Hagia Sophia Museum, Istanbul, Chora Museum, Istanbul, Istanbul Mosaic Museum, Istanbul, Ephesus Archaeology Museum, Izmir, Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, Mugla, Goreme Open Air Museum, Nevsehir, Trabzon Hagia Sophia Museum, Trabzon, Antakya Mosaic Museum, Antakya, Istanbul Hagia Sophia Museum, Istanbul, Sakip Sabanci Museum, Istanbul, Rahmi Koc Industrial Museum, Istanbul, Cengelhan Rahmi Koc Museum, Ankara, Sadberk Hanim Museum, Istanbul, Rezan Has Museum, Istanbul, Bursa Tofas Anadolu Arabalari, Bursa, Suna Inan Kirac Kaleici Museum, Antalya and Pera Museum, Istanbul.

The list of museums would go on and on. But among all other museums there are some museums that are worth going to, by all tourists. Tourism of Turkey is greatly influenced by the museums of the country. Istanbul, the capital city has the most famous museums. If the tourists miss to visit these particular museums, their trip to Turkey is incomplete.

Ankara Anatolian Civilization Museum is a place which reveals the history of Anatolian buried deep inside its premise of two buildings of Caravansary and Bedesten. Built in mid 15th century, this place has valuable collections of artifacts from Phrygians, Romans, Greeks and other ancient colonies.

Topkapi palace museum was built from 1459 to 1565. It served as a palace then, for the Mehmed II which had beautiful architecture with courtyards, pools and garden. It is now a museum that displays precious stones, imperial costumes, miniatures, manuscript, clocks, arms and armor.

Hatay Antakya Mosaic Museum is in the city of Antakya which is a home to rich culture. It is a place that enjoys a blend of variant cultures where Mesopotamia, Arabia, Greek and Roman heritage met one another.

Istanbul Archeology Museum contains artifact from Byzantine, Roman and Greek civilizations. The main highlights of this museum are the Alexander Sarcophagus, a 1st century statue of Ephebos of Tralles and one of the oldest Hebrew inscriptions.

Konya Mevlana Museum is a place that has preserved the ancient Sufism ingredients of Muslim spiritual teaching. The poetry, music and dances of famous Sufi Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi are housed here. His tomb, precious manuscripts, musical instruments, garment and carpets are present at this place.

Istanbul Museum of Turkish and Islamic art is a place that is housed in the palace of his majesty Suleyman of Ottoman Empire. The building is a magnificent specimen of artistic Ottoman Empire. This museum contains beautiful pieces of calligraphy, Quran and a rich collection of carpets. It exhibits the nomadic lifestyle and 19th century Istanbul.

Turkey is a place which has every ingredient of being a perfect place to visit. Its linkage and preservation of historic events, civilizations and artifacts are huge attractions for people who like to learn about history.

Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum has a breath taking sight. It is situated in the heart of St. Peter’s Castle built in 15th century by the Knights of St. John of Rhodes. It contains artifacts of medieval periods. It has preserved the wrecks of ships and the artifacts contained in those ships, that were ruined in 13-14 BC.
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