Every single drink is available in Turkey.
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Every single drink is available in Turkey   


     The variety in Turkish cuisine is renowned all around the globe. In terms of ingredients and flavor, there is no match for Turkey’s drinks. People who reside in this country pride on their drinks.

Some of the traditional drinks such as tea and coffee are available in almost all the countries of the world. The Turkish believe that they provide the best quality and taste of these beverages.
  Turkish beverages consist of two types; non-alcoholic and alcoholic. The Turks are the best provider of tea and coffee services. There are many types of tea and coffee in the market. In total, there are four types of tea in Turkey. These include simple tea, linden tea, saga tea and cinnamon.

Tea drinking has been present in the Turkish culture for a long time. Famous stories have been written regarding tea and its effects. the people of Turley know that adding sugar to tea is a threat to human beings, but without the sweet flavor tea , people do not regard it as tea! It is used by people to stay active so that they can work for longer. This is not because tea contains addictive content; it is due to caffeine which stimulates the brain. No one would survive without tea. It has become a permanent member of everyone’s life.

Besides tea, coffee too has a significant amount of importance. According to a famous saying, coffee in Turkey is like a lubricant. It nourishes the lives of the Turkish and makes them able to live a prosperous life. The term coffee is defined differently in Turkey. There, people invite others to coffee just to have a long, serious conversation. For this purpose, special coffee huts are constructed which provide a suitable place to settle down serious matters.

Turkish women used to see the future through the coffee cups. Though, this practice sound childish but in real, it does a great to see off the worries of people. When a family goes to visit another one for marriage proposal, the girl is supposed to serve them coffee. Thus, coffee also shares vital importance in Turkey.

Ayran is also one of the renowned drinks in Turkey. It is accurately known as a Yogurt drink. The best thing about this drink is that it has multiple advantages. In summer months, Ayran can be drunk to throw away the hot weather and enjoy the freshness. It can also be utilized with any meal. Moreover, Ayran is the cheapest drink to exist in Turkey. All that is required is some yogurt and water.

Moving on, there is a lot in store for residing Turkish when it comes to alcoholic drinks. One of the traditional drinks of Turkey is Raki. Raki is also the national drink of Turkey. The history of this drink dates back to 300 years. Initially, it was given numerous names. After few developments, the finalized word is Raki. It is an alcoholic drink. At first, when this drink ruled the hearts of thousands of Turks, the agriculture sector also flourished.

After few years, the government banned its usage. But people stood up for it and forced the local government to illegally manufacture Raki. Such was the importance of this unique drink. Now, in modern times, the usage of Raki is more open than ever before. Istanbul is considered the hub of Raki production. It is based within the traditions of Istanbul. Raki is preferred with cold dishes like lettuce, tomatoes, seafood and cucumber. With the addition of cold water and ice cubes, Raki transforms into a white milky fluid which is not pleasing to the eye, but it is a delight for people.

Thus, it can be concluded that the Turkish drinks are truly sensational. They are unique but they deserve a try out.

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