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     Turkey is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Its beautiful combination of the modern European culture and the traditional Asian customs attracts thousands of people every day from all around the world. Turkey is considered as one the best places to visit as it is a home to many wonderful historic resorts and breathtaking natural sceneries.

Visiting turkey is very easy and one does not have to face any kind of problem. There are many transportation facilities available all over the country. If you want to visit any place at Turkey, that wouldn’t be a problem. Every tourist resort is linked with many routes and one can choose any transport facility that is suitable.
  There are all kinds of transportation facilities available in Turkey. Roads, railways, airways, busses, cars and also cruise ships. This article will provide you with some basic information about these transportation choices so you can choose the right, suitable way to travel all around Turkey.

Airway facilities
Turkey is a big country; it is almost 1600km long and 800km wide and is the world’s 37th largest country in terms of area. To travel all around Turkey from the road can be a very tough job to do as it will cost a lot of time. If you want to travel long distances in a short time, then the Turkish airlines are the best option for you. There are international and domestic airports present in every major city so you can easily travel from one place to another in a short period of time. For your ease, tickets are also easily available on the internet. You can reserve a ticket in advance anytime you want to visit turkey.
Turkish airlines are very comfortable, providing excellent service to travelers and making the journey very pleasant.

Road transport
The roads of Turkey are very well developed with sign boards, and maps present at different places around the route, making it very easy for you to visit turkey. Travelling by road is very easy and it gives you freedom. There are many options available, if you are looking forward to a road trip in Turkey.

• Bus
Bus travel is the simplest and the cheapest way to travel in Turkey. There are luxury buses and minibuses all over the country, with plenty of bus routes helping people to travel from one city to another at low costs. In every city, there are public buses also available with different routes. So you can jump in and out anywhere along its route and pay according to the distance you travelled. The buses in Turkey are very modern and comfortable. They are air conditioned with Wifi internet connections available. When traveling through bus in Turkey, you will feel very relaxed.

• Car
Car travel gives one freedom to go were ever you want , and whenever you want. You can rent or hire a car to travel all around Turkey and visit different places. It can be a little expensive way of transport, but if you enjoy travelling yourself, then cars are the best option for you.

• Taxi
Taxis are easily available all around Turkey. All of the taxis are in bright yellow color, and you won’t have any difficulty in spotting them. Tell the cab driver your destination and agree on a fixed amount of money to pay. This is a very reliable source, and takes less time in travelling.

Turkish Railways can be useful for a person during his/her Turkey trip. If you are a train lover and enjoy the views during traveling, then railway transport is the suitable option for you. There are plenty of international and local trains with different routes in most of the cities. You can also reserve seats and buy tickets in advance easily. These tickets are moderately prices, but buses are faster than trains if traveling the same route.

All the above mentioned transport facilities help the tourists to visit Turkey without any hurdle or difficulty and make the journey unforgettable.

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