Looking deeper into food industry of Turkey
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Looking deeper into food industry of Turkey   


     Turkey is enriched in a variety of culinary cuisine that includes cuisines form Middle East, from Central Asia and from Balkan.

From geological perspective, Turkey is situated right in the middle of East and West. It’s like a gateway for both directions. Just like its location, it has a similar cuisine.

It is a fusion of cuisines from three different culinary customs and food cultures of the world.
  Turkish cuisine inherits three different types of food categories. Based on the region from which they are inherited decides the eccentric of the food. For example, if the inheritance is taken from Asian or Central Asian cuisine then they are definite to have more spices in them and the dishes included from this cuisine are the ones which have spices as a vital part of cooking and taste. Similarly, if the food belongs to the Black Sea region then seafood would be the specialty and a distinguishing trait to that cuisine. Ever since these cuisines have been inducted into Turkish cuisine, it has given a new identity, a new look, to the Turkish food industry that wouldn’t have had completed without introducing these cuisine as a part of Turkish food range.

Turkish cuisine has its own unique taste. Unlike other cuisines, it has a huge range of food including dairy products, salads, soups and many more, still visitors are reluctant to tour Turkey because of the lack of foreign food available for the tourist and foreigners. Most of the tourist belong to West and are more dependent on junk food rather than any other cuisine, but the people from East are fond of such fused dishes which have the taste of East, mixed with the essence of West. The truth is that the deliciousness of Turkish cuisine fills the vacuum of unavailability of foreign food within the premises of the country.

Variety of Food in Turkish Cuisine:
This delicious cuisine becomes mouth-watering when it is blended with other cuisines and enhances its uniquely identifying attribute like a social and cultural harmony. The amount of food produced by Turkish people is more than they required and hence, it makes them entitled in the list of countries who exports their goods that exceeds the limit of their useable and consumable food.

Turkish cuisine for breakfast is typically Western while the lunch and dinner menus are the belongings of the same region. Turkish breakfast does not constitute of big meals. In contradiction to this, the lunch and as the day passes, dinner is the heaviest meal throughout the day.

Yogurt is one of the main ingredients of Turkish cuisine. It is used with main food course, with starters, salads, bread, poured with rich and with most of the desserts.

In breakfast, people usually eat light consumable to satisfy their appetite. Sometimes, soups are served as healthy breakfast with tea as the traditional drink. This food menu also offered with a special kind of pastry for breakfast, served hot with either cheese or sweet sauce poured over it.

Lunch menu does not generally starts with soup. There are a number of starter soups which are less viscous and each soup is named after the main ingredients inside it. The actual starter for lunch is salad. A huge variety of salad with dips of vinegar, chili/ tomato/ tartar sauces and olive oil. After the salad, people usually like to have meze, a starter also consume as main food to satisfy the appetite.

Dinner is the heaviest among all. Fish is widely used main food course around coastal areas of Black Sea region, especially in winter the fish is served fried hot, preferred in olive oil, with vegetables as side food and lemon juice from drink menu.
Dinner in Turkey also serves chicken, lamb and beef as their main food items. One of the most famous serving in dinner is kebabs, served by cutting up beef and adding some fats to it, then grilled over charcoal and presented with sauce and salad.

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