TURKISH FOOTBALL | Its History, Legacy and Winning Streaks
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Turkish Football

TURKISH FOOTBALL | Its History, Legacy and Winning Streaks


One of the world’s exciting and popular sports, Football is known as a team sports usually with members of 11 – 18 in number, 2 teams, a wide clearing wherein the players are able to play the rough game yet in accordance to rules and regulations which usually is that of players making use of their body either by picking the ball up or by kicking.

Though more popular in England, since the game has been said to originate there, Turkey has also adapted to the modern sports lifestyle and played football as well, calling it: "Turkish Football".

Starting in 1875 because the Ottoman Empire did not authorize for the game to be played in Turkey, it was brought about in Thessaloniki by the English.

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  Since the empire didn’t approve of the abruptly rough game, the players are the consisted of Jewish, Greek and Armenian. The first Turk to play the sports, however, is Selim Sirri Tarcan who was able to study about the game in Izmir on 1898.

The historic Turkish Clubs known in the world of Football are the following:

• Black Stockings FC,
• Kadıköy FC,
• Moda FC
• Elpis, and
• Imogene FC.

After a while, a league was born in Istanbul called the Istanbul or Constantinople Football League where the aforementioned four clubs have joined, thus, giving birth to:

• Galatasaray S.K.
• Fenerbahçe S.K.
• Besiktas S.K.
• Rumblers
• Altinordu, and
• Telefoncular S.K.

In the period of 1962 – 1963, because of the sports increasing popularity and prestige, the Fortis Turkey Cup was put into action. It incorporated clubs from every division of football in Turkey. On the other hand, its counterpart the Turkish Super Cup wherein it is incorporated amid the victors of the Fortis Turkey Cup and TurkCell Super League. The TurkCell Super League includes 18 clubs as the highest Football division in Turkey.

However, before these two famous cups held, all obsolete includes:
• President Cup
• Ataturk Cup
• Istanbul Cup
• Chancellor Cup
• TSYD Cup
• Spor-Toto Cup
• Fleet Cup

  Until today, representative teams include that of Galatasaray which was founded in Istanbul and known for its continuous success in Turkish Football. It was also declared as a Super Cup and UEFA Cup winner in 2000 defeating that of Arsenal F, England.

Galatasaray is also famous for its big titles ranging to that of most number of awards like the Turkish Cups and President’s Cup. Recently, it also won games with Milan, Barcelona. All in all, even in a not so sporty point of view of a person, the Galatasaray can be considered as Turkey’s legendary teams.

Another team is that of Fenerbahce or Fener, like the preceder, based in Istanbul on the region of Kadikoy. It is also fondly called: “The Yellow Canaries”, perhaps because of their sports wear that consists of shades of yellow.
  It also poses as a great rival to Galatasaray team especially to that of football, winning as runner – ups in the Turkish Super League Championships from 2001-02, 2005-06, and 2007-08. It also holds the record of Guinness World Book of Records because of its 1134 titles, medals and cups won.
G – 14 have also invited the team last January 11, 2007.
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  Last but not the least is the Besiktas team, in line with the big 2: Galatasaray and Fener, which was instituted last 1903. For the record, it has achieved at least 12 titles of the Super League and took part in the UEFA Championships League.

Turkey almost won too, in the World Cup 2006, however landing 3rd, narrowly missing by 2 places because of losing a play-off to Switzerland.

In Euro 2008, Turkey after 6 years has qualified to play in their 1st intercontinental competition with Czech Republic, Portugal and Switzerland. In the competition, they have gone semi – finals with Germany with just a number of 14 outfield players because of deferments and injuries. After a while, Turkey was able to score first but later on, during the preceding minority seconds of the match, Germany attained a third goal, thus rendering Turkey eliminated.

All in all, the Turks have been able to prove themselves in the preceding matches, coming up close as winners and missing only on a few points or goals by minutes or seconds. In spite of the roughness of the game, the Turks have been able to execute excellence and sportsmanship all throughout and maybe so for the upcoming Football matches and events.

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