Turkey and its ever growing industry of fashion
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Turkey and its ever growing industry of fashion   


     Turkey is a country that attracts tourists from all over the world. It’s a country which stretches from Asia to Europe. So tourists can enjoy the contrast of many ancient civilizations in Turkey. The old heritage of Asian and European history can be experienced in only one country, Turkey.

It is a country that offers a variety of places to see and activities to do. Once you are in Turkey, you will not regret about money spent in travelling to Turkey. 

  It enjoys all four seasons and a variety of geographic topography. You will experience the low oxygen rate at towering mountains and you can enjoy the sunsets at the coastal areas. Turkey brings you a whole package of leisure. Visiting Turkey would be one of the best experiences of your life.

If you are fond of shopping, then turkey is a shopping paradise. You will find shopping malls, boutiques and many outlets of international brands in Turkey. Turkey’s fashion is one big attraction for the fashion conscious people. It is a place where fashion is offered in a spectrum of colors and diversity. You find it hard to choose from the variety this country offers.

The Turkish cuisines offer exotic flavors would tantalize your taste buds. Turkish culinary will bring a grand feast for food lovers, and nobody will be disappointed. The cuisines are also influenced by Turkey’s neighboring regions to bring a range of variety and blend of flavors. Central Asia, Western Europe and Middle East culinary flavors come together to offer flawless, mouth watering Turkish cuisines. Turkish cuisines greatly use dairy products with the main course meal. Yogurt is never missed out in this regard. Turkish beverages include many alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Black tea, Sherbet, Boza and Ayran are a few famous non alcoholic Turkish drinks.

Turkey is a land of historic civilizations. The people with a keen interest in history would love visiting turkey. The sightseeing at Turkey is unparallel to any other place. The cathedral of St. Sophia located in Istanbul and famously known as Hagia Sophia is a perfect example of Byzantine architecture. The blue Mosque in Istanbul was a mosque built for the Muslims of Ottoman Empire which was constructed in 15th century by demolishing a church. It is a strong link with the history of Ottoman Empire which ruled Turkey in medieval times.

Istanbul’s grand bazaar is a place that is a center of attractions for shopaholics. It is biggest covered market of the world with 2600 shops and 24 private hostels.

Turkey’s capital Istanbul is the hub of Fashion. Turkey is a secular country with a diverse culture. The population ranges from orthodox Muslims, the liberal Muslims and non Muslims. The fashion hence is modified for different people. Turkey’s modern fashion is inspired by its rich ancient traditions. Hence the modern designs are worked on traditional lines. Turkey’s silk is highly valued in the fashion circles. The vibrant colors, the fine fabric and different prints are the specialties of Turkish fabric. The silk scarves of Turkey are very famous. The Muslim women take these scarves to cover their heads and fulfill the purpose of hijab. Others just add a hint of style with this as an accessory around their neck. Turkey is rapidly growth as an international fashion hub as the same time.

 Many famous fashion brands see turkey as a potential market for profitable trade. Therefore, more and more brands are opening their outlets in Turkey to cater the requirements of the modern Turkish population. The strong economy and youthful population are main factors that are encouraging the fashion market of Turkey to expand. The local designers are workings with contemporary cuts mixed with traditional lines for perfectly unique Turkish attire. Turkey is a life time experience that adds some cherishing memories to your life.

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