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Revolving around Turkish delight   


     The habit of eating is taken very seriously in the republic of Turkey. No one is allowed to raid the refrigerator, eat alone or and eat separately while others are still at home.

It is in the culture of turkey that there should be three sit down meal a day where every member of a house is present.

This measure binds the family together and develops a better understanding among the members.

  Breakfast is generally served with feta cheese, tea, black olives and bread. The tea in Turkey is of the highest quality. People who go down to work early are served with breakfast at their work places. In summers, dinner is served at eight o’clock. When all the members of the family are gathered, dinner starts. One by one, events of the day are shared with each other. It is like talking hub where issues are shared, remedies are decided, future plans are discussed, and family matters are resolved. In other words, a dining table is the ‘headquarter’ of the whole house.

Close associates, friends and relatives, are invited way ahead of meal time. This is done to allow maximum time being spent together. The menu for meals depends upon the usage of alcoholic beverages. Before the main menu is served, meze is spread on the table to allow guests to warm up for the main course. If the main course, require some time than offering meze is not a bad option. It keeps the guests involved.

The sequence of dinner menu is amusing. First of all, soup is served. Then meat is presented, along with a vegetable dish and accompanied by traditional Turkish salad. After this, olive oil courses are served, followed by fruit and dessert. When the guests are finished with the eating stuff, they are offered traditional drinks such as tea and coffee. Women have separate get together. Neighbors and school friends gather for tea at evenings.

Tea is not served alone; several types of pastries, finger foods and cakes, are prepared. The key purpose of this gathering is to exchange recipes, share experience and information about all spheres of life, private and public. Remedies for family issues are also discussed at these gatherings. Some women have family problems, which they share, with their fellows.

In Turkey, the host is required to endure all the hardships to arrange for a wonderful meal for their guests. That host also expects the same in return. There are only two situations where the concept of the host is not applied. One is when a huge amount of food is prepared together by the community. This is done with respect to special occasions. Secondly, when the families plan out a trip, the notion of the host is ignored. When collective meals are prepared, duties are given early as to who will make dolma, salad etc.

Sometimes, a weekend trip to Turkish bath is also organized. Food is prepared a day before, and all the necessary arrangement are completed before hand. A Medical box is also taken along so as to avoid any mishap. Morning is spent in bathing. People will then retire into their rest places where they rest, dry off and eat food before returning to their homes. Unfortunately, most of these outings are gone due to the intervention of modern life. The modern world has chocked the brilliant family life in Turkey. Though, few families extract some time from their busy routine so as to spend moments with their family and friends. In bigger occasions, such as weddings, holidays and ceremonies, a proper feast is arranged.

The food culture in Turkey is an excellent one. It still prevails in some areas of the countries though it should exist on a permanent basis.

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