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     Windsurfing in Turkey is amazing. People will travel thousands of miles, just to be able to surf in the crystal clear waters off the coastline of Turkey. Many tourists say that it is like surfing on glass.

You can find many locations in this country that are perfect for windsurfing. Windsurfing became popular in the late eighties. It has grown in popularity since then, because of the enormous waves and colorful surf.

There are special columns in the daily newspaper in Turkey, that relate on the issue of windsurfing.
   The articles that you will read are done by actual surf experts. They have the ability to give you information pertaining to the weather conditions, and how the surf is for that particular day. These qualified people also have compiled a list of beaches that are great for windsurfing in Turkey.

Here are a few that they like the most. If you are planning a trip to Turkey between the months of April and November, then you will be there during the best time to windsurf. The top rated beach is the “Alacati”. The shoreline is clean and well maintained. The way that the wind blows during these months, creates the perfect amount of waves. This beach is the best for people that are just learning to surf. The waves have just the right height. They are not to rough for beginners. This is a great location for you to try out your love for windsurfing in Turkey.

Some people that want to windsurf, may prefer that they can rent equipment right there on the beach. For those of you that want this option, you will want to go to “Akyarlar Feneri”. This great beach is located in the Bodrum peninsula. Along with the option to rent your equipment there, you can also take lessons on windsurfing. Located on the beach is a surfing school. Here you can learn skills that will help you to be a better surfer.

Another perk that you will enjoy, is that the beach is not crowded. Sometimes at the most popular beaches, their will be a lot of people that are in the way. You will not have that problem here. The only down side to the (Akyarlar Feneri), is that it has rough surf that is not beneficial to people that are just learning to surf. If you are a great surfer, then you will want to do your windsurfing in Turkey at this beach.

For the windsurfers that are just starting out, there is another beach that offers you similar opportunities. It is known as “Bitez cove”. You are able to rent the equipment that you need to windsurf on the beach at a shop, or even at the hotels. The winds at the beach are usually calm and light. This makes the waves smother and less choppy.

That is why they are so great for beginners. On the other side of the cove, you will see your more experienced windsurfers. The waves on that side are much larger and rough. Surfers that know what they are doing, will enjoy the waves here. Because of the beaches ability to host windsurfers from all age groups, it is the third most popular place for tourist to windsurf in Turkey.

The last place that you should know about going to is the “Ilica Beach”. This beach has the most beautiful snow white sandy shoreline that you will ever see. It is not only loved by windsurfers, but it is loved by everyone that visits there. The beach is known for having the best heat conditions of all in Turkey.

The north winds in the summer, give you the perfect amount of gentle breeze. Not to hot and not to cold, the conditions are just right for windsurfing in Turkey. If you are looking to enjoy some windsurfing in Turkey, then these four places are going to be the best for you to choose from. Pick the one that will fit your individual needs. You will love the time that you spend, doing this great aquatic sport.

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