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What are your plans for vacation in this year? Are you heading for the mountains, or will you be lured by the sound and the scent of the sea? Perhaps you are toying with the idea of taking to the open road and camping in a park or a forest.

You may even be attracted by the color and gaiety of island resorts. People of all nations come together into one place, Turkey.

There surely is a variety to choose from. But you do want to return from your annual holiday with a real sense of satisfaction from having used the time beneficially.


So why not, right from the start, build your vacation around something solid, something pleasurable, and something truly up building? The core of your vacation plans could be visiting tourist spots in Turkey. With a little forethought you could arrange to travel in easy stages to hotels that offer low price of accommodation.
Particularly if you plan to vacation as a family will you find this a delightful way to arrange a holiday in Turkey. It will provide a refreshing change. Historical places are plenty in Turkey. Churches and monasteries are everywhere too. Many mosques are found in Turkey. Even attractive palaces and huge mountains attract visitors too.

To give you an idea; the most talked-about attractions in Turkey that you may put in your list are the following:

  1) Hagia Sophia Church Museum — It is found in Istanbul, this was at one time the largest Byzantine church, and it was converted into a mosque in 1453 and into a museum in 1935.

  2) Blue Mosque Sultan Ahmet Camii – It is the mainly stunning mosque in the world. This was called after the blue tiles beautifying its interior. Finished in 1616 by the Imperial architect named as Mehmet Aga.

  3) Pamukkale Cotton Castle – This belongs under the wonders of the world. It is an inimitable geological formation shaped over 14.000 years time. The spring water at Pamukkale has healing qualities and since ancient times has been said to treat rheumatism, kidney and heart diseases.

  4) Ephesus - Ephesus is the solitary of the most excellent - conserved very old
cities in the world with the past dating back the 12 C BC.

  5) Cappadocia Region - One of the physical wonders of the world. Cappadocia is a far above the ground flat terrain in Central Turkey at an altitude of 3270 feet / 1000 meters.

  6) Ancient City of Pergammon – See the city on a hill that fail to see the Caicos plain.

  7) Sardis - At the reservoir of the well-known golden - bearing stream Pactolus.

  8) Ancient City of Aspendus – It can be seen on a hilltop and spread down to the plains.

  9) Commagene Kingdom at Mt. Nemrut -- An addition of the Taurus mountain range in Southeastern Turkey.

  10) Gallipoli Anzacs - Çanakkale - Quite a few war memorials stand in the beautiful scenery of pine forests, green hills and appealing beaches.

Aside from the above, there are lots of places. You, too, will by no means experience dissatisfaction. You and your family will be welcome. And think with what added appreciation you will view the scenic wonders that are the handiwork of the Grand Creator and the historical past of Turkey, after seeing the magnificent necessities for the blissful outlook of respectful Turkey.

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